1Project Loon – Google’s Balloon-Powered Internet – Is Coming To Australia

Google’s is teaming up with Telstra to launch 20 balloons over Western Queensland as part of its ‘Project Loon’ plan, which aims to provide access to the entire world with the power of balloons. With two thirds of the planet’s population not having internet access, Google’s project will provide connectivity to people in rural and remote areas.  Source: Techly


2Food Photography Is About to Get a Lot More 3D

Instagram too 2D for you? New app called 3DAround aims to take our visual social networking to the realm of 3D. Instead of just taking a photo, you record, revolve your camera around the object and it gets turned into a 3D image which viewers can spin til their heart’s content. Imagine the possibilities!  Source: Eater




3JetBlue Pays It Forward Through a Social Storytelling Campaign With No End in Sight

American airline, JetBlue, has taken on board the pay-it-forward phenomena with their “Fly It Forward” campaign, which provides worthy, nominated consumers a free flight while giving them a chance to do the same for others. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for this awesome case of social good!  Source: Contently


4Dual-screen YotaPhone 2 set for official unveil on December 3

Wondering how to maximise the space on your smartphone? How about using the back of the phone? Utilising e-ink technology on devices such as e-book readers, the dual-screen YotaPhone 2 allows you to swipe your front screen to the back for display and future use. Imagine running out of battery and needing information to be kept on display, or displaying your airline ticket or other information while keeping your phone locked and secured!  Sou7rce: Android Central

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