i1Snapchat unveils new mobile payment innovation

Shapchat in partnership with popular mobile payment app Square, have developed a new way to process transfer payments on the go by using your existing Snapchat account. Aptly called Snapcash users can simply type out the amount they’d like to send in a private message to the desired recipient, for example “here’s $10 for the train”, Snapcash will then recognise the cash amount, wait for your confirmation to activate the payment, which is finalised once the personal message has been sent.


i2TEDx human clock promotes global unity through time

Local Amsterdam agency We are Pi has created an inspired crowd sourced project to mark the commencement of the TEDx Amsterdam conference. The human clock is a collection of faces from people around the world, with the eventual goal of reaching 24 hours’ worth of one-second faces. The open source experiment aims to promote the thought that no matter how diverse, we are all united by time. “We wanted to celebrate the diversity and reach of TEDx, to unite the world in time and demonstrate the power of an idea worth spreading.”


i3A real life Atlantis?

Japanese construction company Shimzu Crop has announced a proposal to develop the first underwater city. Allowing room for 5,000 people, with the ability to draw energy from the seabed, the futuristic complex could be ready for residents by 2030. The self-sufficient community would include residential housing, businesses, hotels, and a factory that would source power by converting carbon dioxide into methane.



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