i4New wireless device with the ability to source web data from space

The Outernet Lantern is a portable device with the ability to draw data from low orbiting satellites when the internet is unavailable, designed to make information and internet services accessible worldwide. The stick like device is encased in solar panels so it can stay charged even while it’s not plugged in, and is currently being incubated by non-profitable organisation the Media Development Investment Fund.



i6The New York Times features its first ever native print ad

Sponsored by Shell, the organic advertising approach was recently featured online and throughout an eight-page section in the New York Times. Titled Cities Energized: The Urban Transition, the content uses data to illustrate urban growth and the links between urban design and energy efficiency. Readers can also scan the ad using the Blippar augmented reality app to access other related content. The cost of the campaign has not been disclosed, although the newspaper has been known to charge more than $200,000 for content creation alone.



i7Absolut Vodka hosts the Andy Warhol global art exchange

The brand is celebrating the grandfather of Pop Art with the release of an Andy Warhol inspired limited edition bottle and global art exchange, that allows aspiring artists and collectors over the age of 21 to submit and receive original work from another users of the exchange. To facilitate all submissions Absolut has created created a free art-making platform that combines drawing and photography to enable users to create their own original, digital masterpieces.


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