The Samsung Smart Mirror

1Utilising sensors and facial recognition software, the Samsung Smart Mirror has the ability to generate an enlarged holographic image of its subjects face, and then diagnoses their weaknesses and imperfections, such as wrinkles, smile lines, blemishes, and so on. In addition to this, the Smart Mirror then makes customised recommendations based on the results. Other features of the device include voice recognition, and of course the ability to change or distort its subject’s facial features, as well as sample make up looks and hair styles in real time.  Source: Techly

Art for the eyes…and ears

2Soundwall has created a way for visual artists to be seen AND heard. Currently the only company worldwide integrating sound into visual art, Soundwall has creates original and limited edition art work with built-in speakers and a Raspberry Pi computer that remains connected to the internet as soon as it’s placed on the wall, with a unique audio addition from the artist accompanying each piece. Currently, there’s a limited edition Bruce Springsteen piece that features and exclusive audio interview from the photographer who took the photo as well as a playlist Bruce created himself.  Source: cnet

The SmartMat

3The SmartMat is the first responsive yoga mat with the ability to check user’s alignment and positioning to make sure they’re practising correctly. The mat works with an accompanying app to correct yoga poses, using visual and audio cues, and checks hand and feet positioning to make sure the user is aligned correctly and using precisely the right weight distribution. The SmartMat also collects important information such as gender, height, weight, and specific body measurements to determine the user’s abilities and limitations.  Source: Techly

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