Mercedes-Benz F 015 “autonomous” concept car 

1Premiering at CES 2015, the F 015 Luxury in Motion may be a representation of what’s in store for the future of transport, 2030 roughly. Labelled a “visionary concept” the self-driving, mobile living space was designed feel like an “exclusive cocoon”, and features bizarre proportions, large external LED lights to communicated with other road users, four rotating chairs, and internal touch panels that allow the driver to select navigation settings, browse the internet, and call up external views from the car, all while incorporating a sleek luxurious design. Source:


Microsoft HoloLens

2Windows Holographic headgear is a completely self-contained, portable Microsoft innovation that allows us to change and control our surroundings using just our senses, enabling users to interact with content in a more organic way. HoloLens goes beyond augmented and virtual reality, making sure the right level of transparency is integrated so that sight of the real world is never lost, just enhanced, allowing us to unlock new ways to create, communicate, and play. HoloLens operates using a new chip designed by Microsoft and is predicted to be available for demo around the same time as the Windows 10 consumer release. Source:

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