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It’s raining wearables: 126 million will ship in 2019


Research house, IDC, says it forecasts 45.7 million wearable devices will ship in 2015, increasing to 126.1 million in 2019 – a growth rate of about 45%.
Smart wearables – wearables capable of running apps – will fuel the growth of the space, seeing a 5-fold growth. Dumber wearables – wearables that don’t run apps (such as fitness trackers), will see smaller growth.


You can now test Project Spartan, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer successor


Internet Explorer’s successor, codenamed Project Spartan, is now available as a preview build. Project Spartan will be the default web browser as part of the latest Windows iteration, Windows 10.

New features demonstrated include Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent digital assistant named after the AI character in its Halo series, and also the ability to annotate notes on screen with a pen. Yes, you can draw straight on web pages with Project Spartan!


The tech world is betting on live streaming video as the next big thing


Twitter has joined the names of live streaming apps such as Meerkat and Camio, which are taking the social media world by storm, by releasing its own app named ‘Periscope’.

The premise of live streaming is quite simple. Like Snapchat, you share what is happening around you, but your contacts are notified that you are streaming live video, rather than recording it for later viewing.

While this has been attempted in the past, improved smartphone camera technology, data plans and established social platforms have developed to provide a stronger basis for live streaming.
So get on board! Even Tyra Banks is using it 😉


How To Develop A Jack Of All Trades Mindset And Never Be Bored Again


“Being a jack of all trades means never being bored again. It also means building confidence, being adaptable and being a good leader — but it requires the right mindset” – be open to anything, think about the things that fascinate you, and let curiosity be your guide.

Lifehacker has five great tips on how to develop the jack of all trades mindset:

  1. Learn skills that complement each other
  2. “Flirt” with side work and passion projects, but keep one serious “relationship”
  3. Make practising new skills your new hobby
  4. Know your limits (and work within them)
  5. Look to others for help
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