Want to buy Katy Perry’s outfit using your remote or mobile device? There’s an app for that

i1.jpgAround 50 million people watching the Super Bowl will be able to buy items highlighted by Katy Perry during the half time show. That figure includes viewers watching on Samsung Smart TVs, LG TVs, and Roku devices, as well as anyone watching the game with a mobile device connected to Twitter, who will be able to tap a “buy” button either with their remote controls or their mobile devices to purchase items marketed by Perry during the event. The direct engagement and transactions are thanks to company Delivery Agent, a provider of shopping enabled entertainment. Source:


For the love of selfies…

i2The VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash gives you all the lighting support you will ever need for that perfect selfie, without overburdening your own smartphone by using its own LED flash. Designed for portability, the Vibe Xtension is about the size of a key fob and consists of a ring made up of 8 LED’S that create a diffused light effect and covers a one meter radius.

On a single charge, the flash can illuminate up to a hundred selfies, and is synced with the smartphone’s camera shutter, in order to optimise your selfie potential. Source:


Opoli: The reverse cab service

i3Opoli is a reverse cab service app that was created to give consumers an advantage, by allowing drivers to bid for their fare in real time without any surprise surge charging or additional costs. Opoli allows users to view a range of drivers and their ratings and reviews before stepping inside the vehicle, Founder Rattan Joea describing it as, “The Yellow Pages meets Priceline meets PayPal and Yelp, with real reviews from real users”. Currently Opoli is only available throughout Los Angles, but if business picks up we could be seeing something like this in Australia soon. Source:

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