Tech Temporary Tattoos for Diabetics


Diabetics detecting glucose levels every day may soon able to use a far less uncomfortable technique than drawing blood.

Nanoengineers at UC San Diego have developed a new wearable technology that can monitor blood sugar levels without breaking the skin. The device was developed by a Graduate student Amay Bandodkar, who uses small electrodes printed on flexible temporary tattoo paper that painlessly detects glucose spikes by measuring the strength of an electric charge produced by the glucose. Using a sticker a day, the technology is paving the way towards more cost effective and painless alternatives for diabetic’s daily routines.

Source: Gabriella Garcia 26/1/15, Cool Hunting

New App will play Marco Polo with you until you find your phone.


Built for those every day forgetful moments where you have misplaced your Iphone somewhere in your home, Marco Polo is a new app that allows your phone to shout at you until you have found it.

Just like the game you used to play as a kid in the swimming pool, the volume boost function on the app makes sure that when you shout ‘Marco’, your phone will shout ‘Polo’ straight back. The voice phrases are also customisable, even to something as impatient as “I’m here, dimwit!”

The app is currently on the iTunes App Store for $1.29 but is not yet available on Android. 

Source: Chloe Olewitz, 3/2/15, Techly and


Apple Watches set to launch this year with new Jewellery Store type customer service and security


Apple Stores housing the new Apple Watch are set to embrace more advanced security measures when the 18-karat gold accessory begins shipping out to stores in April.

The Apple Watch will be given special jewellery store-like treatment in its stores by being locked up in safes overnight, rather than on the store floor. The safes are already being installed in Apple stores and will feature Apple Watch MagSafe chargers, which are designed specifically for the smartwatch, so that the devices will be ready for demoing each day.

Unlike jewellery however, the new Apple product adopts half of the IPhone’s functions including text, calls and emails, and adds a few more personalised touches, like informing you of these discreetly by tapping your wrist. The watch also allows you to tap your friends, draw pictures for them, lets them feel your heartbeat on their own wrist, and is fitted with extensive health and fitness applications.

The gold version of the watches are rumoured to cost between $4000 and $5000, and will be specially weighed with scales every time one is returned, to make sure no gold was removed.

Source: Samantha Murphy Kelly 3/2/15, Mashable and

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