Zaraguza delivers Anti-Technology Mittens to their Clients for the Holiday Season


In an ironic move for a Digital Marketing Agency, Zaraguza has designed mittens boasting an ‘innovative’ ‘100% anti-touch technology’ and distributed it to their clients as Christmas gifts. Zaraguza’s offline gloves don’t feature sticky pads on the fingertips of unfolding flaps to make texting easier, but rather are designed to make using technology harder. The gloves serve as a reminder to put down the phone and spend quality time with loved ones during the Holiday season.

Source: Laura McQuarrie 31/12/14, Trend Hunter 


TableAir: Motion sensor operated Standing Desk that moves when you do.


TableAir is a LED standing desk where by its height is controlled by way of motion sensors. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular pieces of office furniture, and this tweak to the original concept allows the desks to be far more user motivated. The intuitive system works in conjunction with an app, and is synced to a smart button that measures the distance between the users hand and the surface. Standing desks are allowing for a more connected and dynamic work environment, and the TableAir is adding to their user-conscious focus.

Source: Meghan Young 10/01/15, Trendhunter

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