Smart USA’s Activates A Brilliant ‘Edutainment’ Strategy


Smart USA has been experimenting with digital media recently, with the latest project comprising of a series of branded content on YouTube titled the ‘Demo Games’.

With Smart positioning themselves as a fun brand that challenges the status quo, this content series takes a tongue-in-cheek attitude to a parody of the Olympic Games, featuring “elite athletes” in events that showcase a range of features in the Smart car – a brilliant mix of education and entertainment.

Along with YouTube, these are being distributed across other social platform, mobile and in-store.



Narita International Airport Has Running Tracks For Travellers To Follow


Narita International Airport has created a fun nod for the forthcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, with terminal walkways overlaid with colour-coded paths that look like racetrack lanes. Not being just for show – the walkways guide people around the airport, with blue leading people to departures, and red to arrivals.



LG releases a ‘Lookbook’ for the LG Urbane smartwatch – all the looks in one video


With wearable tech very much being about both function and style, LG has opted to showcase their new LG Urbane smartwatch in ‘video lookbook’ style.

The video lookbook showcases the smartwatch across different styles of fashion, and how it can be a stylish accessory for different kinds of everyday outfits.



Angry Birds hitch a ride on airplanes


Rovio, the owners of the world’s most downloaded mobile game of all time has partnered with Global Eagle Entertainment to use the Angry Birds franchise in inflight entertainment on airliners.

With inflight entertainment services becoming increasingly sophisticated, it demonstrates how truly mobile gaming and related content are by being available while flying kilometers in the air!



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