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Subway Ad that was (purposely) a big yawner.

I’m sure we have all experienced the sorcery that is contagious yawning … A campaign for a Café Pele in Brazil have cleverly capitalised this notion in an interactive outdoor campaign using a combination of technology and guerrilla street tactics to create positive real-world experiences with the brand.

When commuters approached the digital sign, the face would yawn, naturally causing the commuters themselves to begin yawning, which triggers a rippling effect to the people around them to yawn and so on. To deliver the punchline, they recruited perky glamour girls to distribute product samples of coffee on the scene!


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PSA delivered using society’s obsession with finding Wifi.

On a beach in Peru, you can get free Wifi by standing under the shade of a bright blue tower coined “Shadow Wifi”.

The outdoor campaign by digital agency ‘Happiness’ for BrusselsPeruvian League Against Cancer’ aimed to educate beach goers in skin cancer prevention – as the login page for the free WiFi network includes prevention information about skin cancer.

Shadow WiFi is due to hit San Francisco as well as New Zealand in the coming months, in collaboration with other cancer awareness organisations. Don’t worry about the great weather, waves or fellow beachgo-ers when you’re at the beach this summer because who knows? Bondi Beach might be next big beach to get free Shadow WiFi!


Source: Techly

Imagine a future travelling without lugging your suitcase.

Smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses – what’s next? Smart suitcases!

Samsonite and Samsung have partnered to create a luggage with GPS technology so it will never be lost as it’s fitted with a motor and sensor to follow beside you. Perhaps the best function will be the ability to self-check in! In a move that would drastically reduce airport queues, you would be able to just toss your bags onto a conveyor belt and the bag would do the rest – chips would say who the bag belonged to, where it was going, and how much it weighed. This is not just a hypothetical – Samsonite have already been in the working with airlines Emirates, Lufthansa and KLM Air France to make this dream luggage vision a reality!


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Muted video ads create a new creative opportunity

Facebook has been expanding the rollout of its muted video ads which require a click or tap for sound. It’s an emerging trend that is now seen on Instagram, with Twitter and Yahoo announcing similar ad units.

No sound obviously means constraining to just the moving image. But “constraints tend to inspire creativity, and whether its 140 characters, a square frame, or six seconds, they’ve led to some great advertising”.

So consider this ad format a creative opportunity – “find the balance between stopping power and staying power – not giving it all away in the first second, yet providing enough reward for people to stick around to watch, and then maybe listen, too.”

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