Animal Copyrights for Endangered Species

Source: Digital Synopsis

The copyright of an image always belongs to the photographer… but what if the photographer is an animal?

Attaching tiny lightweight cameras to animals and birds, WWF and Latinstock Images created the first collection of images made by, and starring animals, donating the proceeds to the preservation of endangered species.

The cameras took stunning images of the animals in their natural environment, capturing some of the most interesting points-of-view of the animals.  Once captured, the team then selected the best photos, and created an assemblage available for sale on Latinstock.

Watch the video here:

Not only are the images impressive, inspiring and beautiful; all the profits of the photos sold are donated toward the preservation of endangered species.



Parallel parking… made fun?

Source: Digital Synopsis 

Reverse parallel parking – a headache known to anyone living in a city, or who recently had to pass their drivers test. Leo Burnett Germany and Fiat wanted to make the impossible happen, and show how easy – and fun – parking can be using the ‘parking assistant’ feature in their cars. The parking assistant meets an interactive video billboard, which, using custom software and ultra-sonic sensors, monitored the parking space. Special assistants include a 5 year old girl, a Playboy Bunny, and an insanely well-dressed guy, who guide the driver into the spot just like a passenger or a bystander would.

You have to see it to believe it, check out the video:

Not to put down anyone’s driving skills, but I know many people personally who could benefit from all the parking assistance they can get! 😉



The ‘lite’ side

Source: Wired

Ahhh … Facebook, the ultimate mobile data killer … but not for much longer. A new slimmed-down version of Facebook for Android that uses less data, and will work regardless of network conditions, is officially being launched.

The announcement comes after Google was said to extend its Android One program, which makes ‘elderly’ phones with Google enabled software able to run new apps, even on slow networks.

Although App reviews suggest that ‘Facebook Lite’ is wanted in all countries – not just those with poor connections and slow load times; however for now, it will be rolled out in Asia initially, but later expanded to Africa and South America within the next few weeks.

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