An Office with a view… and the elements

Source: Techly

More than just a cubicle with a window to the street, this new pop-up co-working space is equipped with WiFi, power supply and eight workspaces … as well as plenty of sunshine and, if you’re lucky, a light breeze.

The TreeXElements project, located in East London’s Hoxton Park is the brainchild of artist and engineer Natalie Jeremijenko, who brought it to life as part of the Park Hack initiative by by Groundwork London, Artsadmin and Hackney Council. When used, all proceeds from the initiative will go back towards reinvesting in Hoxton Park and its surroundings.

The glow of our fluorescent lights, compared against this beautiful space sure let us know where we’d rather be.



Writing Smarter

Source: Techly

You’re pacing, anxiously trying to remember that ‘Thing’ that you were meant to do tonight… Were you supposed to pick up milk? Do you need to book an appointment? Is there a super pressing work thing? What?! Good thing you wrote it down! On a piece of paper… on your desk… which you left at the office.

A scenario which is becoming less common as result of new entrant; the Livescribe 3.

The Livescribe 3 is a smart-pen, which combined with smart paper transcribes to cloud storage on your smart device. Whilst not a new concept, the reason the Livescribe 3 is so incredible is that when working with the smart-paper is said by reviewers to ‘flawlessly record every movement and stroke of the pen’ – where competitors, like the Jot, are obnoxiously laggy, miss elements and require a very hard depression to function.

A refined technology sure to up efficiency and the ability to work from home, and enable you take everything that you normally forget (shopping list, course notes, boredom doodles, and full-fledged art work…) around with you.

This said – at $15 a pack of pen refills and $35 for the ‘smart’ notebook paper, we might have to stick to writing on our hand.


Smart bottle?

Source: Mashable

Being dehydrated can make you cranky, fatigued, unproductive and prone to dizziness… unfortunately for many, when life gets busy, hydration often takes a back seat. How helpful would it be to have a bottle that would gently remind you when you needed to drink? Very helpful, thought a University of Minnesota Almni, who realized that after a busy day that she hadn’t drank any water.

The HidrateMe bottle prototype emits a glow when it senses you might be dehydrated, and is able to attach with your smartphone and Fitbit through blutooth to estimate how much water you should be drinking by calculating height, weight, weather and water loss due to exercise.

What’s so inspiring about this? The bottle has the ability to overcome the daily neglect that we do to our bodies by ignoring our physical needs. The product will be available later this year.

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