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Sick of cables and blinking or flashing lights associated with your Wi-Fi? Google introduces OnHub.

Source: Techly

Google has recently introduced a new cordless Wi-Fi device, ensuring to make your access to the Internet easier than ever before. Instead of hiding this Wi-Fi device under a desk or in a cupboard, Google have expressed that it is stylish and small enough to be out in the open. OnHub allows users to place the device out in the open where it will best perform. It can be controlled via an app, is constantly updating itself when need be and it of course uses the latest Wi-Fi and future-protocols such as Weave and Thread to make it compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT) ideals. Google’s OnHub tagline is “Shouldn’t Wi-Fi be easier?” and ultimately it ticks all of the boxes.




Think you’re coming down with something? Just take a look in the mirror.

Source: Techly

Although smart mirrors aren’t necessarily a new thing, Wize Mirror has introduced a smart mirror that has high-tech scanners and sensors that are able to analyse your health and alert you if you’re coming down with a cold or even an illness more serious. Many aspects of you will get recognised such as skin tone, facial expression, changes in your heart rate and breath analysis that can detect smoke or alcohol. It’s safe to say you won’t get away with much by looking into the Wize Mirror. The main desire for this machine is to discover diseases or health issues that are preventable. The Wize Mirror departs from the commercial use of making insights and recommendations based on product releases, to a prominent focus on health. The Wize Mirror will take part in clinical trials in France and Italy and will be compared to results that are measured by traditional methods. Accuracy is key for the Wize Mirror to become a common phenomenon, but it doesn’t seem unachievable as wearable technology is continuing to increase in the health and fitness area, with the next step being integration into homes.


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But the Apple Watch doesn’t match my outfit!

Source: Techly

If you love the idea of the Apple and Android smart watches but don’t love the look of them, check out Chronos. Chronos allows you to add high-tech functionality to your traditional, more stylish watch. The Chronos is a small disk that attaches to the flat back of your watch by micro suction. The device alerts you of notifications that you receive on your smartphone and are communicated via LED lights and vibrations, which are all customisable. It also allows you to silence phone calls by tapping the face of your watch and includes health and fitness functions and tracking systems that you can monitor. The Chronos is the latest in wearable technology (or you could even say augmentation technology), which can be added to the watch you already own. Chronos’ tagline is “The best wearable is the one you already wear”. The brand is meant to be releasing the line next season, so we will have to wait and see!




Phone addiction? Ring a bell?

Source: Cool Hunting

Phone addiction is a concerning factor within today’s society, just take a look next time you stroll down the street, or are even in your own house at the dinner table.

To stop this infatuation, the artist and designer Joe Hollier teamed up with the mobile phone veteran Kaiwei Tang. Together, the two created a phone that’s designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone only receives and returns calls, and tells the time. It’s made for those moments when you take a lunch break, go on an adventure, or just simply want to escape and relish the moments when Twitter and emails can wait, while keeping you connected by syncing with your current phone and forwarding important calls, for example, from family or pregnant wife!

It’s the size of a credit card, has 20 days worth of battery life, is timeless and doesn’t need to be replaced every year. The Light Phone aims to help you realise what you could potentially be missing out on in life outside of your digital world!


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