Your holiday didn’t happen, unless you have the gifs to prove it.

There’s no doubt we (& the rest of the internet) loves a good animated gif… Online travel agency have recognised this, inviting its consumers to submit their best #vacay, #summer, #travel, profesh (aka Instagram-worthy) photos, so they can make it 100x better! The best photos under the hashtag #WINGITYEAH have been turned into fab gifs, which have been released periodically until early next week.

Here are a few of our favourites… (summer cannot come soon enough!)


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A new cycle of laundry adverts

P&G in Europe have released a freshly creative and poetic spin from the typical laundry products advert mother + washing cycle, for it’s fabric softener brand Lenor. They have released four ode’s to different garments of skirts, trousers, shirts and scarfs on YouTube, presenting relatable situations and thoughts overlaying a visual montage garments.

Here’s a taste of the clever copy from the skirt video: “So let’s not skirt around the subject,” “You turn heads, drop jaws and make grown men speechless. You help us in our search for Mr. Right, but locate so many Mr. Wrongs.”
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PSA: Anonymous Bro Hotline now open (finally)

Following the hilarious campaign to save the ‘bros’ from synthetic protein earlier this year, Organic Valley have introduced an anonymous bro-themed hotline, for the good people who wish to save that person you know who lives and breathes the gym & protein shakes.

The comically stupid videos feature shots of gym junkie ‘bros’ in their natural habitat, typical problematic bro characteristics and scenarios (tanning, gold chains, tribal tattoos, gelled hair), and my favourite: the mock anonymous ‘confessional’ testimonials from ‘concerned parents & friends’.
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A viral video may cost less than you think

Last month Solve, an independent ad agency generated 100k views (+30 seconds) for $1400, through YouTube video ads. What did the video consist of? Nothing, except a click through URL to agency’s website at the end of the video. The ad generated favourable engagement rates, as 46% of viewers watched for +30 seconds and 22% making it all the way to the end. By way with easy multiplication, “going viral —or at least appearing to— costs $5,000 less than a Honda Civic”

As such, this does bring forward the insight the importance of brands to employ broader goals for any content campaign such as brand lift measures or conversion benchmarks. However, Solve deserves credit for driving this point home through this genius gimmick.
Source: Contently





IKEA pencil is the next Apple pencil

Ikea SIngapore just one up’ed the big announcement of the Apple pencil by reminding people of their familiar and regular IKEA pencil. Legitimised with a Wikipedia entry, this strategy suggests that the brand “couldn’t care less if you take a pencil or two home with you.” Just another A+ example of marketing trend hijacking, but still very entertaining nevertheless.
Source: Adweek

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