Gamers Help Scientists Analyze 2.5 million Tumor Samples


An example of where mobile gaming and apps can be used for more than just light entertainment: Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 have developed a mobile game that “invites users to find patterns in real tumour tissue in order to help scientists learn more about cancer”. “So far, more than 2.5 million samples have been analysed, a number that would have been impossible to complete by scientists alone”.

Source: big think


This Beijing Subway Now Has A Library Of Free E-Books For Passengers


Curated by the National Library of China and in partnership with Beijing MTR, the Beijing Subway now boasts a library of free e-books for passengers who “usually spend their rides mindlessly staring at their phones, scrolling through emails or playing games”.

The “M Subway Library” aims to encourage people to read in their day to day lives, with 10 curated books offered based on a certain theme, and the theme changing every couple of months.

Other subways and metro stations offer library-esque programs as well, including the Victoria Square metro station in Bucharest, and a metro line in Shanghai where a bookstore launched an unofficial library of actual books that passengers could pick up at one station and drop off at the next.

Source: Co.EXIST


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