A headband to prevent air traffic disaster

1With air traffic controllers ranking near the top of the most stressful jobs in the world, developing technology out of Trufts University’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab has provided a way to detect the wearer’s mood. A specially designed headband with the ability to read brain activity will alert if the wearer is bored, fatigued or sharp – with the intension of preventing air crashes.

Source: The Boston Globe


The coolest bookshelf in the world

2This amazing piece of street art has fittingly lifted the facade of The Kansas City Public Library’s parking garage. The lucky book titles that appear were chosen by the library’s Board of Trustees, and include ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and a range of poetry classics.





For Oreo lovers everywhere

3I’m sure prayers have been answered with this fabulous invention. At this year’s South by Southwest festival held in Texas, the ‘Oreo Trending Vending Lounge’ was launched. Custom-made Oreo cookies created by a food 3D printer provided crowds with a choice of 12 flavours of filling and chocolate or vanilla cookie.


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