The rise of 3D printing

Technology has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of 3D printing and its implications on the world. This advancement has allowed the average person to build, create and style their very own, well, anything. Anything you could think of you can now create yourself. The possibilities of this machine range from personal (action figures, iPhone covers and models) to even medical (tissues, cells and organs). All you need is 3D printer, an idea and the user’s manual and you can create literally anything you want.


With this seemingly unlimited power comes great responsibility. Because this technology allows the user to create anything they want, particular issues arise, and copyright laws as well as ethics comes into play. The freedom to create will lead to legal and ethical questions which will also need to be explored by society.

The fact that anyone can produce a working firearm is a scary concept, however the medical implications for this technology is mind blowing with the possibility of reducing issues related to organ waiting lists and organ transplant patients. Hopefully the majority of 3D printer owners will stick to a code of ethics and be responsible for what they create.

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The art of self-inking


PTM (Personal Tattoo Machine) is relatively simple concept allowing the everyday person to access the tools that only a minority can control but without the overwhelming pricing of tattoos. PTM is a new product created by an art graduate in the UK, Jakub Pollag, and was designed so that you can experience getting a tattoo without the need for an inked head to toe, heavily bearded man, but rather in the comfort of your own home. According to Jakub the Personal Tattoo Machine philosophy is to enhance the connection between the individual and the tattoo itself by cutting out the middle man, making the ink more personal.

Personal Tattoo Machine democratises the tattoo industry. It puts a tool used only by a limited group of people into the hands of enthusiasts, who are seeking an alternative and unique way to permanently mark their meaningful memories onto their skin”

Obviously tattoo artists do have a high level of experience and are very talented, however this new product allows anyone to be the artist and more importantly save a huge amount of money. Anyone who has gotten tattoos can tell you that most artists charge by the hour, usually ranging from $100+/ hour if not a lot more.


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