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The Virtuix’s Omni gaming system is a product created to allow the gamer to fully immerse themselves within the game.  The gaming platform has a treadmill like pad and specialised shoes which enables the gamer to walk, run, jump and sit whilst playing the game through virtual reality headset.

The unique design is certainly one of kind at this stage and comes with a full 360 degree steering capability. The Omni comes with a robust support harness, which allows maximum safety whilst moving and is easily compacted for storage. Another feature this product boasts is it allows you to play your favourite games while keeping you fit for the real world, looking at the videos of the Omni in action it does require a bit of effort to perform the moves needed in gameplay.

This ground-breaking invention will be the future of video gaming and be a must have in every household. Fully immersive 3D systems like this will also have applications in the wider interactive space.


At the moment you can pre-order from Virtuix for around $700 USD and can expect delivery in a few months. I know what I want for Christmas.



Gotta Catch ‘em all… for a new generation of kids


Everyone remembers their first Pokémon starter whether you were team Charmander or team Squirtle (no one really liked Bulbasaur). Now these three original versions of the Japanese sensation pocket monsters is being re-released in January 27th 2016 for all generations to appreciate. With the same monochromatic pixel art and classic journey through the Kanto region, Nintendo will enable Nintendo 3DS users to download the three versions right to their consoles. As well as open up the opportunity to trade through previous and the most recent versions (Pokemon X, Y, Alpha sapphire and Omega Ruby).

With this release Nintendo can expect to see a significant increase in sales across all old and new generations of gaming versions and the possibility of a 3D revamp in the near future. We see this similar strategy with remakes of other games, as well as in the movie and music industry with reboots and covers, bringing the classics to new generations in fresh, modern ways.



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