Really, really engaging movie marketing


Talk about engaging – last week, at the screening of The Hateful Eight at the local Ritz Cinema in Randwick Sydney, Quentin Tarantino surprised movie goers with a secret drop in, and brought out Samuel L. Jackson who popped in to say hi (while Tarantino stayed for the entire film). This follows the live Twitter Blue-Room Q&A with Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell the day before.

This trend in movie marketing and PR comes after a range of activities in the past, including the involvement of Samuel L. Jackson tweeting on-set photos from The Hateful 8, Zoolander and Hansel crashing Paris Fashion Week last year, and the recent tongue-in-cheek emoji Deadpool billboard. With all intending to reach their male-skewed target audiences with humour or surprise, thanks to the viral nature of PR and the internet.


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Taking Hospitality to New Heights


Taking luxury to new heights – welcome the Four Seasons Private Jet: an extension of their premium Hotel and Resort establishments – and the perfect way to increase even further their quality brand image.

The fully branded aircraft exhibits the same brand style, service, and quality in aircraft form. The exterior of this luxurious aircraft is a glossy black finish underneath the Four Seasons logo. Inside, hand-crafted leather seat/flatbeds are paired with hand-woven woollen carpeting and Mongolian cashmere blankets. The meals abroad this plane are cooked using fresh ingredients and prepared by the in-flight executive chef and sous chef.

Step aside business and first class, all travel done with the Four Seasons Private Jet includes ground transportation, as well as ground accommodations at any Four Seasons Hotel around the world. Points of difference include personalised itineraries and exceptional service at every point of the journey.

Fancy a step up from your average flash packer experience? Try your luck. Rates aren’t advertised.

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The World’s Best Alarm Clock?


How could this be?  Do you struggle to get out of bed? Feel groggy and tired? Need that little bit of motivation and positivity to leave your favourite place in the world?

Now there is a new moment of comfort and happiness between bed and that first caffeine hit. Welcome Ruggie – the World’s first talking rug alarm clock. Ruggie will cheer you on immediately after your alarm stops with customisable sounds. Ruggie connects via USB to computer devices for programming affirmations, motivations, goal reminders, a song or a recording.

Another bridging point of technology and the way we go about our daily routine, the possibilities are endless for integration with wearables in tracking and monitoring individual behaviour as well as mental drivers.

For those wanting to push that healthier routine, feel refreshed and get out of bed on time and get sh*t done.  If Ruggie can help you wake up even 5 minutes earlier, assuming you fulfil your 80 year life expectancy, you could have an extra 100 days of life.

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