5 Predictions Shaping The Future Of Customer Experience For 2016


With 2015 being a year of disruption, 2016 is shaping up to be a year of evolved business models. Forbes has made five predictions on what to expect in the resulting changes to customer engagement for this year:

  1. Video Customer Service Becomes Popular: with Skype and Facetime popularised, the increasing use of video on Facebook and rumoured inclusion of video on Whatsapp, it’s no surprise that customer service will evolve to address our human need for face-to-face contact, and add a more personal touch.
  2. CRM Technology Gets Even Better, On Mobile: Allowing representatives mobility with CRM technology and data input/output perfected for their mobile device.
  3. Workforce Technology Makes On-Demand Contact Centers A Reality: Can the sharing economy evolve contact centre workforce? Imaging the Uber of contact centres – where staffing can shift and flow depending on demand?
  4. The Internet Of Things Explodes: with the infrastructure pretty much set up, and many industries already disrupted and newly empowered, IoT capabilities are bound to boom when it comes to enhancing customer experience in 2016.

Source: Forbes


This Wristband Will Tell You Which Chemicals You’re Exposed To Every Day 2

Wearables boomed progressively in 2016, and they’re only going to become better – and more in-depth!

The MyExposome is a wristband that you wear that collects all the chemicals you are exposed to in your day-to-day through absorption and in any environment (eg. walking down the street, swimming at the local pool, sitting at your desk in the office).

At this stage, you have to send it in at the end of the week back to a lab who analyses the band for a thorough range of chemicals. But imagine in the future if this could be done digitally?

I don’t know about you, but I reckon mine would come back very, very high for caffeine! 

Source: FastCoExist


Google’s creepy [or awesome!] plan to kill the password


While it may sound creepy – I find it simple genius!

One of Google/Alphabet’s big projects for this year is Project Abacus – which essentially aims to replace smartphone user authentication via password, with an uncrackable collection of biometric readings.

Your phone has the capability to continually monitor and recognise your location patterns, voice and speech patterns, how you walk and type, and your face (among other things). Utilising data such as this – you are given a “trust score”, which your phone can determine if you are actually you (using probability) and unlock and do other actions.

There are a whole range of tech and security tests needed, but keep an eye out for its progression this year! No more need to remember a plethora of passwords!

Source: Engadget

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