Caffeinated Toothpaste?!?

toothpasteWe all know at least one person who refuses to drink coffee because of the taste, while on the other hand some of us even struggle to get out of bed to get that first coffee in the morning.

Alas, the caffeine gods have answered our prayers and delivered it in a new form – and one that isn’t even drinkable or need to be ingested.  Something so simple it’s hard to believe no one made it earlier – ladies and gentlemen: caffeinated toothpaste!

Power Energy Toothpaste – the answer from a New York start up that lets you get your caffeine fix without compromising your regular minty toothpaste.

Regardless of whether this is, as it’s described, ‘coffee without the crash’ – it absorbs into your body faster than your regular coffee, however as it hits harder and earlier the downside is that it doesn’t last as long. The perfect example of utilising a key idea in a different format.

So for those of you that need a jolt to the system first thing in the morning, this could be your solution. Plus, you might actually be given a new incentive for that chore of brushing your teeth every morning.



Pathway to create ‘smart’ contact lenses lens

Researchers from RMIT University and Adelaide University have combined forces to create a stretchable nano-scale device to manipulate light, with potential to create a new ‘smart’ contact lens and more possibilities for the world of wearables.

The device can manipulate light to such an extent that it can even filter specific colours and still remain transparent. Thus the future to make a smart contact lens exists.

Using the technology, high-tech lenses could filter harmful optical radiation without interfering with vision, and in a more advanced way, transmit data and collate and display information like a head-up display.

This technology gives a new ability to develop light-weight wearable optical components, meaning creation of futuristic devices such as contact lenses or other ultrathin smartphone cameras.

Could VR eventually embedded in our contacts? Watch this space!

Source: Gizmodo


A smart phone you are allowed to bend!


There is now a smartphone being developed that you can bend, but unlike ‘bendgate’ this is intentional.

ReFlex uses Flexible OLED display and allows you to bend it at your will, meaning you can use touch interaction like your standard smartphone and interact with apps or games by actually bending the device. Although not completely indestructible, the phone measures how much strain is being put onto the screen and over 4,000 data points.

The ReFlex comes after previous ideas and interactions of flexible devices, with future plans to create detailed design of user interface elements specially designed for bend input.

The idea is for bendable technology to be a supplementary input method, not replacing touch. An interesting area to watch for the future of mobile gaming and smartphone use with this added dimension. 


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