Drone-Inspired GoPro Case Takes Selfies to New Heights

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The GoPro has re-imagined the way we are able to film video and take photos by giving us the capability to get a unique point-of-view of certain “extreme” activities. However, this US-based start-up have developed a way for people to get an even more unique point-of-view when taking their photos.

“Birdie” is a new accessory for the GoPro that takes inspiration from drones, a badminton ball and a parachute. Sounds strange right?

Well, firstly you place your GoPro inside the Birdie. Then you throw it in the air and once it reaches its top altitude, it will fall slowly similar to a parachute while taking continuous photos until it has hit the ground and you are able to retrieve your GoPro. When the Birdie is thrown in the air it will always face with the camera facing down, it will also float and is also water-resistant to ensure your precious GoPro will always be safe inside.

Taking selfies pretty much becomes a game of catch where you also get cool aerial photos of your surroundings. Still sound strange?

Source: PSFK


How Facebook will make the smartphone smart again

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We all use an unhealthy amount of Facebook, even if we don’t want to admit it. Although now the tech giant may have found a way for us to spend even more time on the platform, potentially making standalone apps obsolete.

Facebook announced at their annual developer’s conference that they will be adding what they call “chatbots” to their Messenger app. These bots are pieces of software integrated into the Messenger app that are capable of understanding and simulating human speech. If you need to book a flight you would just have to chat with the airline via Facebook Messenger.

The aim of course, is to keep people on Facebook as long as possible while also changing how you use your smartphone on a fundamental level. If processes similar to this are soon able to be done via the Messenger app, then the need for various apps that do these things will soon be not needed, all you would need is the Messenger app.

But while there are limitations to what the software will be able to do as it is still in beta testing and it will also not be able to replace all kinds of apps, it seems we are only hitting the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this kind of technology is truly capable of.

Source: Gizmodo


Smart umbrella tells you when it’s going to rain

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There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, you get all wet and your day is ruined. Well, those days could be over as a French entrepreneur has developed a “smart-umbrella” that will alert you of incoming rain in your area and will send you a reminder so you don’t forget it.

While the umbrella itself is high quality and also pretty fancy, the main selling point is that it’s essentially a portable miniature weather station. It has different sensors in a chip in the handle that detects temperature, pressure and humidity that will communicate with an app via Bluetooth perform a variety of functions.

The app itself will utilize this data as well as location services to determine when it is about to rain near you and will send a 15 minute warning so you don’t forget to grab it on your way out. If you do forget it, it will also send you a message telling you that you have forgotten to pick up your umbrella.

The future is now.

Source: Engadget


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