1‘Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard’

When Confederation Studio came up with the idea to transform Wotton Brewery’s look into a whimsical and eccentric representation of their brand, hipsters everywhere rejoiced. Bottles are now adorned with different coloured bearded men, who all reflect each beer’s strength. The new branding encapsulates the adventurous and individualistic lifestyle of their consumers and doubles as a great hand accessory at a party.


2Taste and smell meet in the most unusual way

‘Trick your mind with the Aroma R-Evolution’. This is the tagline for the Aromafork; an invention by Molecule-R that pairs our sense of smell with our sense of taste to help produce the perfect food combinations. The fork itself holds blotting paper that can be filled with the essence of different types of foods – helping to test different flavours before actually cooking them. It’s all a little bit fancy, don’t you think?



Now you have a reason to Get Lucky

Daft Punk have outdone themselves yet again. With their new line of merchandise now on the market, they have created a great range of 70’s-themed print ads. In true Daft Punk style, they promote items like belt buckles, t-shirts, tank tops and posters that scream retro. Take a look here!







4Pornhub challenges users to submit ideas for a National Campaign

 ‘Do you have what it takes to be the Creative Director of the world’s No. 1 adult website?’ This was the question posed by Pornhub in a contest to crowd source advertising ideas from users. The entries had to be ‘safe for work’ but could include creative sexual innuendo. Take a look at some of the clever entries here.


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