1The animals are watching

In an attempt to make surveillance cameras less intimidating for an Italian design firm, product designer Eleanor Trevisanutto has created a range of animal shaped covers that fit over cameras. Grasshoppers, chameleons, squirrels and birds are among the bunch and all of them are pretty dam cute.





2When two (chopsticks) become one

Ever ordered Chinese takeaway and find yourself rummaging through your cutlery draw only to find one chopstick? Well, your prayers have been answered with this fabulous invention by Japanese design team Nendo. They have created a pair of chopsticks that intertwine to create a double helix, a design that ensures they will always stay together. Take a look here.


3Vote #1 Leah the Lego Girl

You may want to pick up your act after reading this. Leah Bowman, an aspiring account manager, has just blown the minds of advertising agencies everywhere with her dedication to creating the most original resume. She digitally crafted her resume into a Lego inspired qualification, along with an actual Lego model of herself to accompany the CV. Take a look –hold your head in shame, go work on your resume, and then look at this.



4Wes Anderson’s filmic palette

This Tumblr blog is dedicated to visualising film director Wes Anderson’s colour schemes for each of his films. Although it is a simple concept, as you scroll through the images, they seem to come to life. Anderson’s style and colour choice is kitschy, unique and recognisable. Can you tell I’m a fan?




4Hermès Métamorphose

French luxury brand Hermès has debuted a whimsical video showing their products morphing seamlessy into the unexpected. Hermès popsicle anyone?


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