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The notebook of tomorrow


We all love the classic notion of putting pen to paper but are convinced by convenience – scribble anything into a digital notepad and access it anywhere. The US have developed a way to enjoy pen to paper again. The answer – mod. Fill your categorised paper notebooks with travel plans, business ideas and sketches of your day-to-day with the convenience of it all being synced to the palm of your hand. Easily accessible via cloud technology, this simple pleasure can be appreciated again today.

Source: Design Taxi

With house prices going through the roof, why not just purchase and renovate a shipping container instead?


While this idea doesn’t look quite ‘The Block’, architect Jim Poteet and his team have completed this beauty, a guest house from a renovated shipping container in Texas. A cute and cosy guest house is only a starting container to what could easily become a liveable, usable home. While Jim has left its original blue colour and added his own flare, the bare structure of the mere shipping container allows for all sorts of creativity.

Source:  Design Taxi


Southern Comfort (SoCo) gets personal


Ever wanted a hand-crafted mug of your face? Southern Comfort have officially provided that opportunity with their ‘Go Drink Yourself’ contest. With the revamp of their website, it’s all about how consumers interact with SoCo. A new platform for consumers to learn more about their loved SoCo,  get recipes, share recipes but most importantly, enter their creations into the ‘Go Drink Yourself’ contest for a chance to have their personalised mug created.

Source: Creativity

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