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Cooking to impress? Just add Lurpak


Lurpak’s commercial for their new cooking range is sure to convince it can make any meal go from ordinary to out of this world. Taking a new perspective on your typical meals ingredients does a lot to make a simple meal that much more exciting. Take a look at the commercial here.

Source: Adweek


Did someone say The Simpsons Lego?


Lego have finally released ‘The Simpsons’ collection, comprising of 16 of your favourite characters. Boxed up, each with their very own prop, there is no need to re-enact scenes alone anymore, you can use your Simpson minifigures!

Source: Trendhunter



Forget mp3’s because here comes PonoMusic – The best digital music option yet


If you are a music lover and have craved actual studio recording quality – PonoMusic is here to save the day. Not only is the PonoPlayer portable but also gives you the satisfaction of being able to listen to PonoMusic – a full sounding, breathing, high resolution, studio recording of your favourite pieces anywhere. Pono has blown sound quality out of the water, get ready for its release!

Source: PonoMusic

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