Is the effectiveness of magazine advertising being overlooked?


After creating a unique URL for every print ad it placed in every magazine, homewares e-commerce start-up Temple & Webster says Google, Facebook and online performance adverts are three times less effective than magazines for signing up new customers. Is the effectiveness of magazine advertising being overlooked?

This is a very interesting case but agencies have been working on best practice bottom up DR planning, econometrics and attribution for years and magazines are part of this and their performance, in the main, has been not been on a par with digital channels.

There is obviously some misattribution of digital channels as it is a harvester channel but this is what we use attribution and econometric modelling for to give us a realigned view based on the whole data rather than the last click wins model.

Digital with its ability to retargeting prospects, overlaying 3rd & 1st party data and utilise technology is continuing to improve efficiencies and cost per outcome for clients.

The bottom line is I think magazines should have as much right to pick up brand and DR dollars as any other medium. I believe in optimum attribution based on data, accurate measurement, modelling, rigour and results.

That being said my experience of magazine and digital advertising is that the latter, from a DR effectiveness stand point, is the golden egg and the above example is an isolated case rather than an overlooked goldmine.

Source:  AdNews

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