Is women’s love of gossip the key to effective advertising?

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mia Freedman of Mamamia visit us in the Sydney office this week as a part of our Think Fresh Media Partner series.

Fact – women love to share news, gossip and stories. This is something women’s site, Mamamia has identified can be of great benefit to advertisers.

Women like to know things first and will share content to feel a part of the trending news in their social networks. Therefore, it is safe to say that women are more active on social networks like facebook and Instagram than men are. Women will share pages, like posts and leave comments, whilst men are often referred to as “lurkers.” Whilst they may see everything, they are much less likely to share within their online social networks.

Fact- women can be an advertisers’ best friend. All of these things help brands get their content viewed on a large scale very quickly.

For example, much of the The Bachelor’s popularity spiked after Mamamia writer, Rosie Waterland began recapping each episode. “I don’t watch this show…but this summary is just hilarious. Must start watching it so I can throw stuff at the TV” is an example of one of the many comments left on her posts. Even if women don’t particularly like something if there is a lot of attention surrounding it they will get involved so they feel included. Network Ten realised the connection between the increases in their ratings and capitalised on all the hype that had been generated by Australian women. Numbers for this year’s finale were up +17% YOY, a result the network was very happy with.

Another successful campaign to come out of Mamamia was Dove’s Beauty Sketches. It was a campaign that many women could relate to. They were emotionally moved by the campaign, which resulted in the video being shared 145K times in the first hour after it launched. The fact that it was shared so many times so quickly relates back to the desire for women to be in the know first, to feel helpful and to be a part of the current mood.

All this being said, placement and timing is imperative to success. No matter how fantastic your content may be, if it isn’t presented in the right place at the right time your message will not be well received.

Fact- women may be complex individuals, but it can be extremely beneficial for brands to have them onside. After all, 62% of Australian women are the grocery buyers in their home.

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