June Renegade Writer of the Month!

Congratulations to Sam Buchanan, our June Renegade Writer of the Month, who eloquently shares his thoughts on the subject of innovation in media…


This is not some sprightly tale of heroic inventions, nor some story of overnight sensations. It is a bit of insight into what fuels and drives real, raw innovation at its crudest state. The current technological landscape thrives upon this word – innovation. They take it, love it, warp it, sensationalise it, and at the end of the day I think it has lost what it once was.

I once read somewhere that without tradition, art is a flock of sheep with no shepherd. But without innovation, it is a corpse*. Don’t let this corpse rot, don’t believe the hype! Innovation is not something that is just “new”, different, or altered. It is not a new colour range for a product or Malibu Stacey with a new hat. True Innovation faces north, it looks forward and leads the charge towards a better, more successful society. You as an innovator should be planning on changing and shaping the world around you, for the benefit of the people you warrant as worthy, and those you don’t. Duct-tape, the tremor-reducing spoon for Parkinson’s, the invisible bike-helmet that’s an airbag (yes, safety can now be cool) are all stellar examples by innovative souls that spark a chain-reaction of innovations to follow. These burlesque beauties are something to be proud of, they are completely different in their approach to assist humankind, but they do so in a unique way that is so different to any of their similar predecessors.

So when you’re stirring up a big pot of change, remember to spit a little innovative flavour in for all us traditional folk… just to whet the stone. Head up, chin down, and eyes towards the horizon, innovation awaits.







*Winston Churchill

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