Kyle and Jackie O: Radio Will Survive


Last Thursday OMD was paid a visit by Kyle and Jackie O.  Lots of buzz in the lead up to the visit; would it be worth the anticipation?

It’s not often that we get celebs visiting OMD so an invitation to see Kyle and Jackie O in the flesh answering our questions made for an irresistible invite (for at least 100 Sydney OMDers).  This is a big turnaround since there time at SCA when the perception was they were not accessible.

With a carefully crafted Q&A the duo were relaxed and seemed genuine with their answers.   Questions about their future; doubt Kyle will end on 2GB but never say never and to quote Kyle ‘where there’s a till there’s a way’.  We listened attentively as Jackie told us how she never really started out with an ambition to go into radio…. Just a stroke of luck. Kyle’s quick wit drew laughs from the crowd….. even Horgs had a giggle. And then came the question about advertising; the two definitely made it clear they are commercially minded – an expectation from any media buyer is that the on-air talent is going to embrace the brief.

Some interesting points were made about the threat of music streaming being linked to the death of radio.  Kyle was quick to point out that radio has survived cassettes (gen y made need to google what a cassette is ), CD’s and ITunes. The  session certainly supported the fact that so long as content is compelling there will always be an audience; radio will survive.


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