Life inside Bosko – The World of the Mascot


readathonW.C. Fields wrote that one should “Never work with children or animals,” and yet somehow last Friday I found myself in a rather Hogwarts-looking school surrounded by eager children holding their favourite books in the air, busily searching to see just a glimpse of the MS Readathon mascot – Bosko. To celebrate the 35th birthday of the MS Readathon, myself and few others were lucky enough to be invited to Kincoppal-Rose Bay to help bring the event to life and capture it on film for years 1-6. The MS Readathon itself was created to encourage reading, promote community involvement, raise disability awareness, and aid in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Speaking in front of an audience can be hard enough for some, but try putting on an oversized costume that has no ventilation, no ability to see out of and feet so large they make Michael Jordan jealous; then you would have some idea of what it’s like to Bosko, the official mascot of the MS Readathon.

While being inside the world’s hottest costume for 2 hours may sound unattractive to some, being able to help support something that makes a difference really makes you feel good inside. Four Australians are diagnosed with MS every working day, and the MS Readathon provides a way for information about the disease to be shared and to make a change in people’s lives.

The Readathon isn’t just open to schools though, anyone can take part and anything that you read counts (although this does exclude media briefs, ratings and brainstorming sessions)! Running through the entire month of August, the Readathon is a great way to get your friends, family and local community to sponsor you, and to help the MS Foundation reach their goal of raising $500,000 this year. So to sum up:

  1. Sweating up a storm and being mobbed by small children in a way that would remind some of a zombie apocalypse – A little bit scary.
  2. Feeling good because you could help encourage fundraising for a good cause and reading for children – Amazing!

Go online, register to join the Readathon and get out there to find some sponsors, if I can survive potential heatstroke then you can spare some time to read a book.


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