My Week in Media


Monday’s always start with the best of intentions: up early, breakfast with 7’s Sunrise and then on the bike to the office. During the day, I’m a Spotify user, currently loving the new Arctic Monkey’s album AM and London Grammar. In the evening I’m a wannabe-foodie-tragic, currently working through Food’s “Great British Menu”.


This week I’m at Ashton Media’s Data Strategy Symposium at Cypress Lakes in the Hunter Valley. It’s a great couple of days seeing how the rest of the industry is coping with the challenge of “Big Data” and getting to know some of the wider community. Highlights being sessions from Telstra, Caesars Entertainment and Videology. Following the sessions there was even time for a spot of golf and a couple of glasses of wine…


Day two of the Symposium with sessions from Facebook and Suncorp amongst others. The drive home is helped by Hamish & Andy’s Happy Hour on 2Day FM. I’m knackered from the trip in the evening so it’s straight to bed with a book: Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl on the Kindle at the moment.


By this time in the week, cycling to the office is a distant memory in favour of the (lazier) bus. I’m currently loving Omny, the Melbourne-based start-up’s personalised radio app, pulling in news reports, weather, Spotify playlists and even calendar updates into one service. The evening is catch-up TV time: The Walking Dead and Homeland.


Back on the bus to work where Buzzfeed and dominate for memes and Friday puns.


Late afternoon trip to see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire (can’t beat a bit of JLaw) and an evening of Breaking Bad. I’m just completing season 2 while gamely trying to keep from being told the ending.


Breakfast with the newspapers: we’re split between the Sunday Telegraph and The Australian in our house, before I head out to the final day of the Emirates Australian Open golf. In the evening it’s catch-up TV again: Foxsport’s coverage of Wales vs Australia.   


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