Network 7 “NewFront”

The Seven Network presented the “Newfront” at the Technology park in Redfern Thursday morning, where they showcased their upcoming programming and proposition for 2016.

The morning opened with a presentation on the strength of the network across the 2015 period YTD, and their retention of the number one spot. It has been a tough year for TV as consumption becomes more fragmented across multiple devices and screens. The Seven Network have retained the number one position with 39% revenue share, this is a decline of 5% YOY.

The reality is there needs to be a significant shift in how our brands target consumers whilst creating more engaging content across video device.

Tim Worner, Seven Network CEO, said that over the past 20 years of his career at the Network, in the last 18months they have seen more technological advancements and shifts than the previous 19 years combined.

He highlighted CONTENT IS KING, content drives engagement, engagement drives viewers and brands drive revenue.

Seven have had the strongest content platform for many years now on the back of a combination of both home grown, and international content. Now more than ever the challenge is how to retain viewers and have them engaged in our brands. The challenge will continually evolve, so must our brands engagement strategy to further enhance the conversation across multiple devices and multiple screens.

Audiences will engage with the very best content, no matter what screen they’re watching it on. With confidence in their content proposition Seven made the announcement of Free Live Streaming through all devices on Plus7. This is a major move for the network and it will be accessible to the Australian public anytime, anywhere. Plus7 will stream the linear TV feed into each state (Sydney signal to all of NSW), delivering all on air TVC’s on the live stream feed. Expanding their reach and challenging the national reach pitch that is offered by competitors.

They are currently working with Oztam to roll out a Video Player Measurement (VPM) system that will be able to look at combined views of video on cross platforms, this is to be rolled out in November 2015. The measurement will cover all network content across multiple devices that continues to work toward a metric that will allow us to measure cross device Reach and Frequency.

Initial thoughts and discussions with Oztam regarding VPM, is that while there is the ability to measure total video views, the cross channel reach equation is still a while away from being an accredited measurement system; but is sure to revolutionise screen planning in the future.

Whilst the movement toward screen trading continues to develop, there is still the conversation to be had about what creative execution works best across specific Screens and pricing of these formats is yet to be determined as they demand various engagement levels. Seven highlighted this topic while sharing that their latest findings from a neuro insights study on pre rolls revealed that the optimal length is 10”.

The holy grail for Networks and Publishers alike is the ability to target consumers across specific category and segments to minimise wastage and maximise engagement. To this point Seven have released that they have developed two additional transactional buying platforms using more specific targeting and measurements metrics.  This is all showcased under the banner ‘7 screens’.

Automation Buying:  Buying at a demographic level, real time optimisation ensuring delivery within fixed parameters.

Programmatic Buying: Builds and delivers against behavioural segments and profiles in real time.

Cross Screen Targeting will also enable creative targeting variation between screens for the same user.

Clive Dickens, Seven Network Chief Digital Officer, discussed the potential numbers that live streaming could deliver along with the Plus7 catch up platforms holding the largest volume of content hours available. Seven are embracing social media and acknowledge that it only heightens engagement of their content.  He also introduced ‘7 sync’ which, as the name suggests, will sync creative across multiple devices via social.

Moving into the future they will have the first transactional program, Foodiful a “shopable content destination”.  This will allow consumers to purchase exact product/recipes through mobile app live and have the product delivered to your door.

They ended the session with what one might expect to be the headliner – programming.  The 2016 Rio Olympics was a big discussion point, for the first time consumers will have access to all events, live on any device, at any time.

The Seven Network have many of their tent-pole properties returning in 2016 along with a raft of new programming plus their event line-up which will ensure they will remain the #1 Network in 2016.

My Kitchen Rules, House Rules, Xfactor, Dancing with the Stars, 800 Words, Downtown Abby, Home and Away, Sunrise and their very successful news properties are just some of the returning properties that will set the platform for their ratings stability throughout the 2016. With new content across various genres added to their portfolio. Australian Drama: Wanted (ft. Rebecca Gibney) & the Secret Daughter (ft. Jess Mauboy). Adaptions of overseas family programming: The Day the Cash Came (2 families are given 1 years cash salary and their journey is followed on how they manage the opportunity) and Sunday Night Takeaway (Australian adaptation of English game show). Based on the recent success of Biographical mini-series in Australia, Ian “Molly” Meldrum, a 2 part mini-series is also due to be released from the network across 2016 to add to the portfolio.

The Networks sport platform will continue to grow its audience with the inclusion of Plus7 on the back of the biggest and best sporting properties both globally and locally: Melbourne Cup, Rio Olympics, Rio Paralympics, Australian Open and the coverage of the AFL. 

The Seven Network are at the forefront of delivering engaging, behaviourally targeted and measurable cross screen strategies with the ability to have a two way conversation between brands and consumers. It’s how we collaborate, challenge and adapt our brand strategies that will see the way screen and video advertising is revolutionised.

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