Nielsen Twitter TV ratings come to Australia


Today it has been announced that Nielsen will be bringing Nielsen Twitter TV ratings to Australia, enabling the TV industry to measure, understand and act on TV conversations on Twitter in real time. What does this mean for brands?









For brands this is an insightful tool that informs the planning process from strategy to evaluation. For me, it’s biggest benefit for brands is that it will force agencies, networks and marketeers to look at the media mix (ie TV, Digital, Social) holistically, rather than in isolation. No longer will the success of a brand integration or TV led campaign rest solely on the number of people we’re told sat in front of the TV, but this gives rigour to the show’s online reach and buzz. It is important to caveat however, that this tool requires context; Twitter has around 2m active monthly users in Australia (of a population of 22.68m), so to view this as a complete picture of social sentiment would be misleading.

Is this long overdue?

There are existing tools that allow us access to this kind of information (i.e. Radian 6), but this is another step towards making sure that social data is central to the planning process.

How can brands act on TV-related conversations on Twitter?

By being smart, nimble and properly resourced (both in people and tools) brands can use real-time data to jump on TV inspired social trends. You only have to look at some of the examples that came from the recent American Awards shows (think Pharell’s Hat at the Grammy’s, Ellen’s Selfie at the Oscars) to see how it’s done.

Should Twitter to roll this out in every market?

It should be rolled out in any market in which Twitter penetration is a robust % of the TV viewing population.

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