According to the law of attraction, when we put our mind, body and soul into focussing on something, it is more likely to become a reality.

Personally, I know that when I focus on a running event for example, if I put in the training, follow a solid programme, buy all of the new gear (of course), talk and think about it regularly (read: constantly), and show up on the day, I’m pretty much guaranteed to kick my goal.

I call this the positive impact of a “healthy obsession” through the combined power of visualisation, and some good planning.

Others would just say I’m obsessed.

But of course they would. You can’t even get into a lift these days without hearing people “obsess” over something as mindless as the fact that flared jeans are back in. Declarations of enthusiasm, no matter how trivial, now require the declarer to be obsessed.

According to GQ, approximately four tweets every minute globally are #obsessed, and around 94% of them are about things like Kale, décor, TV Shows, Irish accents and starfish.

This together with a recent client conversation, really got me thinking. The potential client was asked what she wanted from her agency, and her response was quite simply that she wants her agency to be absolutely obsessed with her business, her audience and her results!

Sounds like a no-brainer, but I can honestly say I don’t see this happening nearly often enough.

So, if we appear to have this whole #obsessed thing down packed, why is it we seem to be leaving this obsessive behaviour at the door when arrive in the office, or even worse, leaving it to the creative agency to do the obsessing?

It doesn’t make sense. We do our best work when we can easily relate to the audience or when we go to pitch (because we have no choice other than to be completely #obsessed in that environment). But that is insufficient.

What about all of the other clients, audiences and brand conversations taking place around us that we are slipping into autopilot on simply because we cannot relate to them and are forgetting to take the time to become obsessed?

As an industry, it is well and truly time for media agencies to start treating their clients like the latest apple release, celebrity diet fad, new superfood, most recent Netflix series, or fashion trend.

As a result, I think we will begin to live and breathe everything there is to love and hate about every business, its brands, its audiences and what people are saying about all of these things, which really is client services 101. Only then will we start adding a deeper value to our clients that goes beyond slick presentations and great R&F and start to watch our client relationships go from #autopilot to #obsessed to #winning!


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