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Destination NSW & The Star bring you VIVID!

Destination NSW has kicked off their sixth consecutive VIVID festival in Sydney, with more than 270,000 visitors welcomed during its first weekend.

This year’s festival has expanded to several new areas including The Star, whose entire facade of the Astral Tower, The Darling hotel and Sky Terrace rooftop has been transformed into a massive light show. Static billboards with APN and new digital screens with Adshel, placed throughout Sydney’s CBD and key train stations, have played a role in promoting the festival as well as the entertaining offers within The Star.


With plenty of creative concepts showcased around the city, it’s a great opportunity to make the most of VIVID. Do yourself a favour, get out there and get inspired! And who knows, you may just add a creative spark to your next brief. VIVID finishes Monday 9th June. 


  • Large Format: July & August avails are filling up. If you’re looking for quality sites in September onwards, now is the time to book.
  • Street Furniture: For Adshel, 16th June avails are extremely limited. 30th June onwards is filling up and 14th July avails are fine at this stage. JC Decaux still have packs available throughout June although avails are diminishing. Avails are looking good for July.
  • Retail: Ooh! Retail is wide open from July 28th onwards. Val Morgan avails are limited throughout June, however July is fine.
  • Transit:APN transit has been in high demand lately. Very limited packs are available throughout July. Avails from September onwards are looking good, however longer lead times are necessary.



Shop Till You Drop Online

Bauer title “Shop Til You Drop” has launched its own online store, which allows readers to shop directly off the page as well as having exclusive access to additional international labels. Readers can already shop directly off the pages of “Shop”, as well as “Woman’s Day” and “OK!” Magazine using a code for each item. When readers text the code to the number on the page, a link is sent to them which takes them directly to the buy page.

Bauer has also launched the “Readers Rewards” App, where readers get points for purchasing a certain number of Bauer titles of varying costs. Users will get their 9th Bauer magazine free of charge.

Marie Claire ‘Man’

Marie Claire plans to launch it’s “Man” supplement with the September issue. This will be a booklet tip-on to the existing magazine. With social media and editorial opportunities available, there will also be a Marie Claire Man App due to launch at the same time.


If you missed the circulation update please see here for a detailed summary of new circulation figures. We continue to see declines in papers, mags and NIM’s, with various changes across a range of titles.


Finding Sydney’s Wolf

In collaboration with Fitzy & Wippa, Roadshow celebrated the Wolf of Wall Street DVD release last week by giving away an all-expenses paid trip to NYC to Sydney’s best sale person. The challenge – SELL SELL SELL!


Click here to check out the grand final sell off. 

Audienscope look deeper into Survey

The debate between on and offline radio is a source of much discussion in the industry as we look to the future of this traditional medium. While some argue that providers such as Spotify and Pandora, whose services allow greater personalisation, will ultimately phase out commercial radio, AudienScope quarterly audience survey results suggest that commercial radio remains the strongest companion medium.

Click here to view the key out-takes from the Q1 survey.


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