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A new addition to the ever expanding medium of Outdoor advertising has now been introduced in Sydney, exterior train panels. With outdoor advertising already prevalent on most forms of public transport it’s no surprise that Torch Media have taken the leap into the train system. Torch Media have utilised the sides of train carriages and converted them into moving billboards in a high impact manner which creates maximum impact for the client and viewer.

The campaign pictured (below) went live for the first time over last weekend, the 26th and 27th of April and this is not just a “one-off” with 4 more campaigns going live over the month of May.

off screen 2 off screen 1

Torch Media aren’t the only vendor targeting our rail system, Adshel have expanded their outdoor expertise into the rail scene and have developed small format digital displays that pierce through an otherwise dull train station environment. Adshel have now gone live with these displays at Wynyard, Town Hall and Martin Place – all central hubs of the daily commute.

These new forms of innovative outdoor advertising consolidates the fact that the outdoor medium is forever growing and changing, as we are subjected to more and more digital screens we also are exposed to completely new formats.

Foundation Finder – Clinique Activation   (Campaign Highlights)

Clinique have utilised special builds within Westfield shopping centres, nationally to push their line of make-up products. The Special builds involve an actual makeup bar, where consumers are encouraged to try the Clinique range of makeup products, the makeup professionals match the consumer’s foundation type and colour and offer a free 5 day sample.

The Clinique campaign utilised the objective of, “it only takes 5 days to convert an individual to Clinique foundation”, the 5 day sampling period encouraged the consumer to switch brands and convert to using Clinique as their permanent makeup option.

The Clinique bars were also supported by large format displays around the centres, creating awareness of the activation within the centre. This activation is the first of its kind for Clinique and really shows what can be done with extended leads times and implementation of a combination of outdoor formats.

off screen 4


The AFR just got richer

Ever wondered who’s richer than you? Well now you can find out for sure with the BRW rich list (and young rich list) finding a new home in the Australian Financial Review. The list will now be published as a centre bound inserted magazine biannually.

The Rich 200 was a big drawcard and a major standout issue for BRW before the magazine closed in 2013 (after 32 years in operation). So it seems Fairfax intend to bank on an old drawcard in a new space.

off screen 5


Radio breathalyser

Nova FM in Brisbane is targeting drink driving with a new radio campaign that commenced on the 16th of April before the Easter long weekend. The ad uses low frequency sounds to alert those who cannot hear them that they are probably over the legal alcohol limit and probably should not be driving.

The campaign was created by GPY&R who drew upon UK research which showed, that when a person is over the legal limit they find it harder to hear lower frequencies. GPY&R Brisbane creative director, Brendan Greaney said:

 “People are switching off to traditional anti-drink driving messages. Radio Breathalyser is a fresh, tangible way to directly influence behaviour while people are driving. Anything that gets people who’ve had a few drinks to question whether they should be behind the wheel is a good thing. Well done to Nova for taking on the cause with us.”

Over the Easter period last year, 25 Australians died on our roads and 454 were caught over the alcohol limit in Queensland alone. With the support of online and PR activity the ad was aimed to increase awareness and reduce these numbers through creative thinking.

Double J launches

The ABC launched its newest radio digital station, the reborn Double J – a Triple J for grownups –  at midday on Wednesday with a reel of greatest hits from on-air moments at Double J and Triple J over the last 39 years, a nod to the station’s nostalgic bent.

Double J’s Content Director Meagan Loader told, “We’ll be playing straight music in the morning, bringing the listeners new music as well as their favourite tunes from the past. We wanted to offer an alternative to the usual busy breakfast programming that’s available across the dial and we think our audience will embrace this format.”

off screen 6

Radio Survey 2.

ARN and Nova Entertainment Dominate the radio landscape.

As the dust settles from the Kyle and Jackie O network shift, the much anticipated radio survey 2 results are released and they show both Nova Entertainment and the Australian Radio Network to be in the driving seat, particularly in the Sydney Market.

As we near the middle of 2014, expect to see less variation in results as talent becomes acclimatised to their respective roles and programs. For a full rundown of the survey 2 results, click here

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