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MCN Interview Peter Horgan

Underlying consumer confidence is triggering “strong, aggressive” marketers to plan ahead of the curve next year says OMD’s CEO Peter Horgan. Like most of the agency brands in the Omnicom Media Group, Horgan suggests advertiser confidence moving into next year is picking up. Equally, he says marketers are pushing hard to extract more value out of their marketing investments.

“There is confidence going into next year,” he says. “Consumer confidence is strong and aggressive marketers want to get ahead of that so I actually see quite a positive year going into 2016. It‘s certainly more upbeat than 2015 as the consumer economy moves in to replace the mining boom, which had little flow-on for mainstream marketing activity. That is only healthy for our sector.”

More broadly, Horgan says 2015 has been a good one for OMD. “We’ve had a good year bringing on blue chip clients like Qantas and the digital capability that they are asking from us is something we are able to deploy across our client base. What we like about Qantas is it’s a perfect example of brand meets retail. The role of the Qantas brand in the Australian landscape and their unending need to put bums on seats is a perfect fusion of client needs for us.

“I see us increasing accountability in targeting, analytics and in terms of driving our client marketing investment harder to reach the bespoke audiences that they want to target.”

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MCN Interview Leigh Terry

The mood for 2016 from Omnicom’s portfolio of blue chip clients is more upbeat heading into next year than 12 months ago for 2015, says Omnicom Media Group’s CEO Leigh Terry.

Speaking to MCN after OMG’s Homefronts presentation, Terry says the key themes for OMG’s clients in 2016 were for more innovation and an intent to act on a more positive sentiment around business conditions.

“Certainly the conversations I’m having across-the-board there is a general sentiment that 2016 will be a positive year,” Terry says. “Economically we are more stable going into 2016. The conversations we’ve been having with our clients – they want to capitalise on that and still look to do genuinely innovative opportunities with comms planning and media partners. As much as there is continual change it has always been the same that clients are demanding of agencies that it is up to us to put innovative solutions to them. That is our challenge and what we are right up for.”

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MCN Interview Wendy Gower

M2M managing director Wendy Gower’s outlook for next year is partly influenced by “a potentially more upbeat” mood in the market but equally more investment from her agency in data, strategy and social capabilities.

“There is just a difficulty now in terms of how we navigate reach effectively, how we deliver content effectively and how social is part of that delivery and has become more important part of what we do,” Gower told MCN after the Homefronts presentation. “And there is that ultimate frustration for the clients that have seen big TV advertisers in terms of the constant under-delivery in 2015 and how we best navigate that through 2016 and how we take a lesser reliance on broadcast TV and actually deliver something laterally. So that means looking very laterally across all different content delivery mechanisms for clients in 2016.”

Gower does, however, point to some early signs of growth for next year in the overall ad market. “I think potentially it’s a bit more upbeat,” she says. “With global clients, the changes in the exchange rate have enabled a greater level of spend locally. Over and above that, we are shaping up to have a really strong year.

“We’re always going to need client management people and trading people but it’s that new part of the business that can deliver better benefits to our clients and help them navigate what is becoming a very, very complicated landscape. If it is for us, it is for those guys too.”

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