OMD Celebrates Women in Media: Meet Antonia

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This year in order to reinforce our position of active advocate of an equal workplace and make a positive and sustainable perception change in our industry, OMD became the Proud Sponsor of 2016 B&T Women in Media Forum.

In the lead up to our sponsorship of B&T Women in Media forum we are profiling the fantastic women working at OMD. We checked out the dedicated, driven and innovative women from all over our offices, and asked them to raise their voices and share their experiences.

Today’s Woman in Media is Antonia Glezakos, Business Director, OMD Melbourne


Gender equality transcends the workplace and stems from identity lessons learned in our early years.  Of course, this varies by family, but in certain cultures you are taught to be polite and not to question what you are being told. In my experience, being shy, quiet and a ‘nice girl’ was looked upon favourably but these attributes seldom work to your advantage in the workplace. Starting your career sometimes means unlearning these behaviours. Acquiring the confidence to back yourself, as well as changing a personal perception of yourself is all part of the process.

Within the workplace, this self-belief can be fostered through mentoring and training programs, as well as the promotion of a company culture that supports differing opinions. It is vital to respect and recognise an individual’s achievements – regardless of their gender and background. I feel very fortunate to work for a company where the ‘practice’ of gender equality doesn’t feel forced but rather sits within the overall attitude of a fair and open workplace environment.


I am lucky to be able to say that I have had the chance to work with so many clever, determined, yet humble women. Stella Carnegie was one of the first managers I worked with who taught me how to elevate my thinking beyond day to day ‘media work’, bringing a point-of-view to the client’s table to make a real difference to the way they do business.

Aimee Buchanan and Laura Nice taught me how to do ‘business’ & challenge convention with a client & their other agency partners. From them I learnt how to disagree with ‘grace’ and the art of having difficult conversations to achieve a desired outcome.

Since moving to Melbourne, Margie Reid has reaffirmed everything I love about what we do. Her passion for our client’s products, the industry and our people is infectious. She makes it look easy but she works bloody hard and dreams big. I am so lucky to be able to share her vision for OMD Melbourne & if I only achieve half of what she has, I’ll still be doing aright.

Lastly, my sister Georga Payne, having worked in media herself, going through similar scenarios has helped in those moment of uncertainty. She aims high, in work and personal life and has always been my ‘phone a friend’ in times when I needed a second opinion. One of the biggest lessons I need to remind myself is that you can save a lot of time and angst if you have these people in your life to talk through things, rather than try to figure it all out alone.

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