OMD Celebrates Women in Media: Meet Dorothee

Dorothee Gomez

This year in order to reinforce our position of active advocate of an equal workplace and make a positive and sustainable perception change in our industry, OMD became the Proud Sponsor of 2016 B&T Women in Media Forum.

In the lead up to our sponsorship of B&T Women in Media forum we are profiling the fantastic women working at OMD. We checked out the dedicated, driven and innovative women from all over our offices, and asked them to raise their voices and share their experiences.

Today’s Woman in Media is Dorothee Gomez, Business Director, OMD Sydney



For me, gender equality in the workplace means a lot of different things. The most obvious one is about salary equality, irrespective of gender. This is a no brainer and it is really easy for companies to implement, I believe it is sad we are still having to fight for salary equality in those day and age. But gender equality in the workplace is also about access. Women should have equal access to training, equal access to opportunities and career progression than their male counterparts. It is also about giving women equal access and exposure to senior management, which can sometimes be challenging, especially when senior management is most of the time male dominant. And finally gender equality is about enablement: enabling working mums to re-enter the work force without having to sacrifice on their family responsibilities thanks to specific work arrangements. Flexible hours, working remotely are all easy options to implement in the 21st century, which can empower working mums to continue to play a major role in their company.



I am not a one role model type of person and I had different role models throughout different stages in my life. Being a new mum, at the moment my role model is my mum (it might sound really cliché but she really is). It is only now that I have become a mum myself that I fully grasp that being a mum is really a full time work and it requires more than just love. It requires organization skills, time management, relationship building, medical skills (!) but also dedication, passion, patience, intelligence, emotions…. I completely underestimated how much focus and energy my mum put into raising my brother and I, in the most fantastic conditions while still helping my dad run their own business. No matter what difficulties came her way, she always made us feel like we were her number one priority, and this is what I am hoping to show my son too.



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