OMD Celebrates Women in Media: Meet Kim


Kim Hamilton


This year in order to reinforce our position of active advocate of an equal workplace and make a positive and sustainable perception change in our industry, OMD became the Proud Sponsor of 2016 B&T Women in Media Forum.

In the lead up to our sponsorship we are profiling the fantastic women working at OMD. We checked out the dedicated, driven and innovative women from all over our offices, and asked them to raise their voices and share their experiences.

Today’s Woman in Media is Kim Hamilton, General Manager, OMD Sydney


Gender Equality spans such a huge range of themes and I believe relates very closely to your life stage.  I’m sure when I become a working Mum other areas of the debate will become more important to me.  For now, to me Gender Equality means being judged on my talent and the contribution I make to my business.  Pure and simple.

At OMD we have some amazing female leaders.  We also have some amazing male leaders.  I think finding the balance is key and that’s why it works here.  Whilst this balance hasn’t always been the case at the agency and certainly there are other sectors which don’t even come close, I think we are lucky to be working in an industry that is now putting the spotlight on equality and are placing a high level of importance on getting this right.

I look around our agency and I have such strong women to learn from, we have 3 Female MD’s, a Female Head of Trading and a Female Finance Director, just to name a few.  It’s so exciting to see how talented our young female rising stars are here at OMD, and knowing they have the opportunity to succeed and move into any role they strive for.  Look out Horgs!



I’ve been lucky enough to work for large organisations who place a high level of importance on Leadership training and development.  They also attract and retain some pretty stellar talent.  For this reason I’ve had many Role Models to learn from.

From my Optus days, working for the likes of Mike Smith, Austin Bryan and Ant Shiner who are extremely talented and successful leaders in their own right, but who always showed a lot of pride and placed a high level of importance towards their own families.  This is something I’ve always respected.

Of course a huge Role Model I currently work with is our Managing Director Aimee Buchanan, who I think has a Superwoman cape hiding down her dress.  Aimee has shown us that, with the right level of support at work and at home, babies and agencies can mix!  Her commitment to both her young family and running the largest media agency in the land, is an inspiring sight to see.

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