OMD & NLM Launch Millennial Moments Mobile Study

In an Australian first, OMD and NewsLifeMedia have partnered to commission a ground-breaking study with AMR Research to help understand the complexity of consumer behaviours in contemporary Australia today. The Millennial Moments study uses passive data tracking technology to truly understand the mobile behaviours of Millennials.

While much research has been done to survey consumers on their reported behaviour, there has been little Australian research to date which has tracked actual consumer behaviour across mobile devices.

The Millennial Moments study provides marketers with an opportunity to get under the skin of Millennials and explore their differences by life-stage, and through a post-tracking survey administered to all respondents, see how they differ attitudinally.

Through a combination of follow-up survey and tracking data, the study uncovers key insights into Millennial mobile behaviour, including the apps and sites visited, duration of visitation, activities done at different day parts and in which different geographical locations; for example during commuting, shopping, work and play.

Uniquely, given the level of data generated, the study also provides a platform for ongoing analysis to be conducted over coming months to deep dive into specific categories and behaviours.

Peter Horgan, CEO OMD Australia commented, “Mobile is an increasing focus for all of our clients and there is currently limited tracking around consumer’s usage. We partnered with NLM to deepen our collective understanding of millennials’ usage of mobile through the path to purchase. This will enrich our ability to connect with this increasingly important audience with their device of choice”.

Nicole Sheffield, CEO of NewsLifeMedia added, “This is the most ambitious research we’ve embarked on, as tracking mobile behaviour is one thing but through the lens of the always on millennials is truly enlightening. We were delighted to work with Australia’s largest media agency OMD to ensure we could use big data to unlock the human behaviour of this powerful generation of consumers.”

OMD and NewsLifeMedia are presenting the Millennial Moments research in Sydney and Melbourne, during October and November respectively.

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