Pitch-Off: Behind the Scenes

DSC09338Pitch-off honestly felt like a dream. It came and went in what literally felt like a blink of an eye but yet I can remember everything quite accurately and vividly. It was somewhat like a uni group assignment except we somewhat know what we’re doing (or at least pretend to) and the intensity is turned up a little considering this is our jobs and careers.

My pitch off experience was nothing short of amazing. I was urged to do it by my managers and I recommend the same for others. In a 24-hour mock pitch scenario, OMG’ers with less than 5 years industry experience get to pitch on a live client brief, it managed to teach as well as reteach me people skills, time management, how to effectively work in a group, to speak up and all the intricate steps of coming up with that magical idea. This included everything from the brain dump, challenges, our understanding of the brief and everything we’d do to tackle it, all consolidated to a few hundred bits of paper stuck all over the walls.

We were mentored by Mitch Incoll and despite him driving us up to wall at times, there was a certain method to his madness. This method not only managed to help us conclude with an idea that we were proud to pitch in front of some of the most senior people in the company but also taught us lessons that we can take back to our everyday roles like how to solve problems, different ways of thinking and how to work with other people.

I was lucky enough to be put in a very intelligent team who all got a long very well despite our differing roles. They ranged from business management to search, content, screen and digital. Even with tense, time-running-out type moments, we were able to get a long really well and understand what each person was thinking.

As prepared and organised as I personally like to be, it isn’t always going to translate to reality seamlessly. There were so many aspects of the whole thing that I couldn’t stop second guessing and didn’t feel at ease until I spoke up. I believe it was our good communication, both speaking and listening, that really helped us as a team. Once something didn’t seem right, we would all talk about it open to new ideas and suggestions and how to refine it. Due to my competitive nature, I did want to win but I can honestly say that through the whole experience, I was extremely proud of my team’s effort and our idea even if we came dead last. This sounds extremely sappy and cliché but I really am very proud of the team and I and our idea. Go Team 4!

Will So was part of the Pitch-Off 2015 winning team!



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