Press, NIMs and Magazines Audit


Our quarterly audit of all things happening in print.

Weekly Titles

Not a good news story for any weekly title in the latest  audit.

Famous leads the decline as Pac Mags focused on digital and social investment for this title, however with a new editor in place, no doubt we will see changes to the print version.   Who Weekly posted the smallest decrease of 7% to 113,000 copies and remains the celeb market category leader.



No surprises with Zoo Weekly continuing to spiral downwards, this time falling in sales by a massive 36% to just 31,000 copies. It is hard to see how this title can survive much longer with such low figures for a weekly title whilst showing no signs of an increase.

The mass end of the market stabilised a little with the falls not as heavy as previous surveys. New Idea -4% (282,000 copies) and Woman’s Day -5% (330,000 copies) which is seen as providing a glimmer of hope for the mass category overall.


There are no YOY comparisons for Shop Til You Drop (which is now published fortnightly) though it has decreased from the last quarterly audit, now selling 35,000 copies.

POP the weekly magazine circulation is down just 1.7 per cent which perhaps finally signals stability particularly at the mass end of the market. As magazines are a discretionary purchase however, it will be interesting to see how the budget affects the purchase cycle of weekly magazines. 


Once again the metro newspaper category is in decline YOY, with a national average of -10.4%.

Markets driving the declines; Melbourne -11.9%, National -11.6%, West Australia -11.3%, Sydney -10.7%, Adelaide -8.5%, and Brisbane the most consistent YOY still showing a decline of -6.2%



Again not great news for Fairfax with the following titles contributing significantly to the Fairfax declines – Weekend Fin Review (-23.1%), Melbourne Age M-F (-17.9%) and Sydney Morning Herald M-F (-14.5%)

Despite traditional print in decline there is an advantage to buying advertising on both traditional and digital formats especially with Fairfax as their paid mastheads have increased which shows consumers are paying for editorial but consumed across various platforms.

Across the board the M-F and Sunday editions are down on average 9.9% each with the Saturday editions faring slightly worse at -11.3%



Overall this category declined by -8% YOY.

The biggest decreases were posted by Good Weekend (VIC) –12.8%, Good Weekend (NSW) –11.3% and Sunday Life (NSW) -11.2%.

Despite all NIMs in decline QWeekend showed the least decline with a loss of 5.8% and BOSS Magazine with a decline of -6% which saw a drop of 15% during the June audit.


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