Radio Survey #1 2014 Results


The much anticipated first radio survey of 2014 has not disappointed us, with some explosive results across the country let’s see how these changes have affected each market…

Sydney Highlights


Sydney Survey Results

In the first survey since the highly publicised move to KIIS, Kyle and Jackie O began their next chapter strongly, lifting what was once Mix 109.5’s breakfast session by 243% survey-on survey (SOS) for the 18-39 demo and 141% against 40-54s.

The same thing cannot be said for 2Day’s new Breakfast line-up; experiencing a YOY drop of -73% and -64% with 18-39 and the 40-54 demos, respectively. This decline has rolled out to other 2DayFM dayparts, and has more than halved it’s average BMAD audience against both key demos; showing the strength that breakfast has in holding the audience throughout the day.

These changes seem to have encouraged some of Sydney’s more stable programs to shine through in the Breakfast session, Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa are now sitting at the top for 18-39 after a 24% increase SOS and even more surprisingly WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda have taken a share to be number one in Breakfast for the 40-54 demo.

YOY, Nova has experience some huge developments against it older demo. Since Survey #1 2013, it has increased by 125% in BMAD, 192% in Breakfast and 86% in Drive against 40-54 year olds. This has been achieved whilst moving to the top of all key dayparts with 18-39s as well. Smooth have grown their younger audience in Breakfast and Drive.

Listenership for 2GB has taken a hit against all demos. SOS, Alan Jones Breakfast show has decreased by -22% against it’s core demo of 40-54s which has rolled out to the BMAD daypart to see a decrease of -34%.

Triple M picked up SOS against 18-39s with a 15% BMAD increase, however, it didn’t fare so well with its older demo; decreasing by -47%.

Sydney: Mon-Fri BMAD


Melbourne Highlights

3Melbourne Survey Results

Similar to that of Sydney, SCA’s results across Melbourne have been disappointing. Across the 18-39 demo we have seen declines across both FOXFM and 3MMM. 3MMM has taken a massive dive across both BMAD & Breakfast with the 18-39 with Eddie McGuire’s Hot Breakfast losing it’s top spot to Nova’s Meshel & Tommy, who are new to the station starting their breakfast show in January 2014. FOXFM is also down 15% SOS and 30% YOY across this demo, with their lowest survey results in a year across all day parts.

Nova have shown strong results across the younger demo, with great results across all day parts. Meshel & Tommy’s new breakfast has proven to be popular against the younger audience taking out the top spot from 3MMM for this daypart. Nova also hold the top spot across both BMAD and Drive for the 18-39 audience. Well done Nova!

In the older demo of 40-54, GoldFM has taken the crown from 3AW across both breakfast & BMAD. 3AW still hold the top spot for breakfast but have seen a decline of 29% SOS and Gold are slowly catching up. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Gold also taking the lead in the next survey. It’s been a disappointing survey for 3AW with significant declines across all day parts for the 40-54 demo and some of the lowest results we’ve seen in a year.

3MMM remains flat across this market, however, we will most likely see a change in audience numbers across both demos when the AFL season commences. Nova has also experienced audience growth across BMAD  but particularly in breakfast, another win for Meshel and Tommy who are obviously killing it with both demos.All in all, it has been a great Melbourne survey for both Nova and ARN with significant growths across both demos for each of the networks. It has been a disappointing survey for SCA with Triple M and Fox losing their spark across all day parts and demos. Meshel and Tommy’s breakfast is definitely the show to look out for, having only started in January and already taking out top spots in Breakfast for the 18-39 demo and making movements towards the top for the 40-54 audience also.

Melbourne: Mon-Fri BMAD


Brisbane Highlights


Brisbane Survey Results

Nova retains its dominance in the Brisbane market against the 18-39 demo. Despite a -16% BMAD decline survey-on-survey (SOS) it continues to stay on top. A great last survey in breakfast against the older demo was short-lived; Nova is down -29% SOS against 40-54s.

Whilst Nova’s 40-54 breakfast listenership has dropped, 4KQ (Classic Hits Network) is thriving against its 40-54 core demo. SOS it has doubled (+102%) pushing itself ahead of Nova, and just behind 97.3FM and Triple M respectively.

Despite audience fluctuations over the course of 2013 year, 97.3FM is still on top for the older demo. 4MMM is still nipping at their heels for the top spot however their -6% SOS decline allowed 97.3FM to push further ahead in the BMAD timeslot.

B105 must be doing something right, as they see a 79% increase YOY in BMAD against the 40-54 demo. Will be interesting to see how they fare over the course of 2014 with 18-39’s in the Breakfast session. The leader, Nova, has seen a slight drop (-9%) SOS whilst B105 has moved up SOS by 10%.

After a disappointing last survey, Triple M’s Drive show has redeemed itself by increasing 85% against the 18-39 demo, this is an important win for Triple M who haven’t had a great survey across the network.

Brisbane: Mon-Fri BMAD

6Adelaide Highlights


Adelaide Survey Results

Nova will be very pleased with their latest survey results after coming out on top across the 18-39 demo in BMAD. The Stations Kate, Tim and Marty Drive show has seen consistent growth since survey #1 2013; boasting a 53% increase YOY. This has allowed Nova to dominate the drive timeslot against the younger demo.

Nova delivered promising results across the 40-54 demo with a 21% increase SOS. This growth was also a result of the success of their drive show which saw a 32% increase SOS and a huge 76% increase YOY. It will be interesting to see if they can duplicate the success model of their drive show to increase audience numbers across the breakfast time slot.

Triple M experienced loses across both demos in BMAD; this was fuelled by significant drops in audience numbers across the breakfast time slot. The Hot Breakfast Show saw a -18% drop SOS and -39% drop YOY across the 18-39 demo. Further to this, the show saw a -12% drop SOS and a -41% YOY across the 40-54 demo. Although not as severe, the stations drive show also experienced audience drops SOS across both demo’s.

Mix 102.3 managed to hold onto it’s #1 position across the 40-54 demo in BMAD. The stations ‘Adelaide’s Fun Breakfast’ show saw a 7% increase SOS; edging the show further ahead of it’s competitors.

Despite experiencing a -27% decrease SOS, Mix’s ‘Sean Craig Murphy’ Drive show still came out on top. Mix will have to keep an eye on Nova as the competing station climbs closer to #1 position within the drive time slot across the older demo.

Across the older demo, FIVEaa have been successful in growing their audience numbers in the breakfast time slot. The stations breakfast show saw a 24% increase SOS.

SAFM saw a loss in audience across both demographics. The station experienced a huge -46% decrease SOS in breakfast across the 40-54 demo. It must also be noted that the station has seen a -32% decrease YOY in drive across the 18-39 demo.

Adelaide: Mon-Fri BMAD


Perth Highlights

9Perth Survey Results

Nova have taken the Crown on the first survey of the Year with the 18-39’s. Although seeing a drop in listeners across each day part they were still able to hold #1. Their updated Drive show Kate, Tom and Marty saw a 17% SOS drop with the loss of Michelle and their Breakfast show with Nathan, Nat and Shaun saw a 12% decrease in listeners SOS.

92.9’s new breakfast show with Heidi, Will and Woody opened with a 26% decrease SOS and a 37% decrease YOY with the 18-39’s, it will be interesting to see wether this trio picks up listeners next survey or if listeners will stay loyal to Nova. The Stations new Drive show Dan and Maz who moved to an earlier time slot  have also failed to bring in the 18-39 demo with a 11% decrease SOS.

Mix 94.5 have taken #1 again with the 40-54’s this survey across all day parts. They saw a strong 9% increase across BMAD with the 18-39’s as well as a 11% increase with the 40-54’s. Their new Breakfast team Clairsy, Shane and Kymba saw an amazing 16% increase for the 49-54’s but were unable to get the 18-39’s on board with a 33% decrease SOS. Drive with Fred and Lisa saw a 6% decrease with the 49-54’s but managed a great 9% increase with the 18-39’s.

96FM’s breakfast show with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi saw a huge 57% increase SOS with the 40-54’s and the audience have seam to come from Nova who saw a 23% decrease SOS.

Although many of the station have seen drops this survey listenership is up overall 6% with the 18-39’s and 8% with the 40-54’s across BMAD.

Perth: Mon-Fri BMAD




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