Radio Survey Results #1 2017


It’s the first Radio Survey for the year, and here is our Executive Summary:


KIIS took the #1 spot across both Breakfast and M-F BMAD dayparts on key across P18-39

All mixed bag with all 3 Networks are represented against P40-54 with TripleM on Breakfast, NOVA on Drive and WSFM across M-F BMAD


FoxFM won P18-39 for the 3 key dayparts whilst on P40-54 3AW has won back Breakfast & M-F BMAD

GOLD takes out Drive against the older demo


P18-39 saw HIT take out Breakfast, Drive & M-F BMAD, with SCA counterpart Triple M win Breakfast for P40-54

97.3 dominates P40-54 for Drive and M-F BMAD as a whole


HIT won both Drive & M-F BMAD dayparts for P18-39 for this survey, however NOVA grabbed Breakfasts top spot

TripleM is #1 for P40-54 Breakfast, although Mix102.3 leads Drive & M-F BMAD


P18-39 has been dominated by Nova across all 3 major dayparts

Mix94.5 continue to win the older P40-54 demo across all dayparts

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