Radio Survey Results #1

Nova have opened up survey #1 the same way they ended Survey #8 last year. They continue to be the consistent network nationally.

The Today network has been revamped and rebranded across the country. Survey #1 results are probably not where they would have hoped for, but this is the start of a long journey for Austereo. As these stations get embedded into their markets, growth is likely to follow.

ARN’s have begun their rollout of their KIIS network alignment and it has seemed to have worked from a national perspective, with minimal casualties along the way.

A new year has brought in lots of changes to the market, 2015 is definitely the year of the re-brand so far.

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Sydney Highlights


Sydney Results

Yet again Kyle & Jackie O have consistently delivered with P18-39, swelling their lead on the market with a SOS increase of 13% against the younger audience. In spite of speculation that their audience figures would drop throughout 2014, Kyle & Jackie O have not only maintained strong results but have increased YOY by 45% for P18-39.

2Day FM have replaced Jules & Merrick in Breakfast with Melbourne duo Dan & Maz in their 2015 line-up.  Unfortunately for SCA the pair that were popular on Melbourne’s drive program haven’t had the same effect in the Sydney market. The segment is down 22% SOS and 19% YOY with the P18-39 demo.

Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have maintained the number one position for P18-39 in the Drive program. However, despite Nova holding this position, it is KIIS’s Hughesy & Kate that have seen the greatest audience increase both SOS (25%) and YOY (22%) for this demo and daypart. Hughesy & Kate made the move to the Sydney KIIS drive program after 12 years on Nova’s Melbourne breakfast show. It will be interesting to see if/how the rankings will shift next survey considering the small audience gap between the two programs.

KIIS takes out the number 1 position for P18-39 in the BMAD daypart while widening the gap between themselves and second place rival Nova. With an increase YOY of 34% we expect KIIS will maintain their strength with this demo.

Jonesy & Amanda of WSFM’s breakfast program have held an almost flat position in the breakfast market for P40-54 (1% increase SOS, 0% YOY). Kyle & Jackie O seem to be creeping up in popularity for the P40-54 demo with an accelerated increase of 27% SOS, up 8% from the same time last year.

WSFM’s Lars Peterson has narrowly maintained the number 1 position in Drive for P40-54 despite a SOS decrease of 3%, down 19% YOY.

Triple M drive has performed strongly, up 51% SOS and 47% YOY (P40-54), with the addition of Merrick Watts to the line-up.

Across the BMAD daypart for P40-54, WSFM remains the number 1 station. However without a significant increase SOS (3%) and a decrease YOY (-2%), we anticipate this could shift as many of WSFM’s direct competitors are seeing large growth both SOS and YOY.


Melbourne Highlights



Melbourne Results

Survey 1 highlights the much anticipated extension of ARN’s successful KIIS brand beyond Sydney to Melbourne. The rebrand was aimed at squarely challenging the dominance of SCA’s FOX FM which consistently showed strong listenership across the 18-39 BMAD audience.

KIIS101.1 has come in 3rd position achieving 46% SOS growth across the 18-39 BMAD audience, closing the gap on FOXFM and Nova, survey 2 results will prove to be interesting.

3MMM have continued the lead in Breakfast for the younger demo growing from strength to strength with a 15% increase SOS. The trio (Eddie McGuire, Luke Darcy and Mick Molloy) are really resonating with this demo.

KIIS101.1 have seen a huge jump SOS (55%) and YOY (81%) for the breakfast timeslot amongst the 18-39 demo. Based off the SOS growth we can assume that the audience are identifying with the new appointed Matt, who comes to the network after a year of hosting the One Percenters Drive show with Joe Hildebrand on 3MMM.

No surprises in drive for the younger demo as KIIS once again are dominating survey 1. FOXFM and NOVA are in first and second position respectively, however have both experienced a SOS drop whilst KIIS saw a 28% increase SOS which allows them to overtake 3MMM in drive. This can be attributed to the newly appointed Kate and Hughesy who developed a loyal audience base during their time with NOVA.

The most notable change for the older demo 40-54 across BMAD is their increased listenership in 3MMM, as the station saw a 53% SOS increase moving them from third to first position. We can attribute this to triple M’s coverage of the summer cricket season.

The top 3 stations in breakfast for 40-54 year olds remain the same with a shift in first and second place as 3MMM take the lead with a 45% increase SOS, followed by 3AW and Gold.

Gold’s Gavin Miller once again takes out the number one position in drive, however this survey produced close figures for this timeslot so anything could happen come survey 2.



Brisbane Highlights



Brisbane Results

Nova have managed to still remain No 1 in the new year across BMAD with the 18-39’s although seeing a 27% drop SOS and a 15% drop YOY.  Their day parts have also taken out top spot with the 18-39’s although also seeing huge drops. Their breakfast team Ash, Kip, and Lutsy saw a 20% drop SOS and Drive with Kate, Tim, and Marty saw a 25% drop SOS.  Seeing these massive drops this early on in the year would be putting Nova on their toes and it will be interesting to see if this No1 spot is taken away from them next survey.

Where are all these listeners going you may ask well they have moved to the Austereo’s new hit105.3. This rebranding from B105 has brought in a whole range of listeners and they have seen great results from this rebrand with the 18-39’s. Their breakfast show with Stav and Abby has seen a 22% increase SOS and Drive with Dan and Maz has seen a 26% increase SOS.

ARN’s 97.3 has seen some positive results with the 40-54’s this survey. They are still on top across all day parts and are managing to take listeners away from Triple M and Nova. Across BMAD they have seen a 36% increase SOS and 29% YOY. Their breakfast team Robin, Terry & Bob have seen a great 43% rise SOS and Drive has seen a 13% jump.

Triple M and Austereo have had a bit of a tough time this survey with the 40-54’s which could be due to them not having the rights to the cricket. They saw a 24% drop SOS across BMAD and a 16% fall in the breakfast timeslot.

Although Nova saw great results with the younger demo with the 40-54’s they saw a 18% decrease across BMAD and drive saw a fall of 23% SOS. 97.3 has really taken over in this demo and it will be interesting to see if this continues throughout the year.



Adelaide Highlights

Slide16Adelaide Results

Nova continues to have a strong hold over the younger audiences of Adelaide. Both the breakfast team (Lewis & Lowe) and the national Drive team (Kate, Tim and Marty) have helped to secure this top spot by growing their p18-39 audience survey-on-survey and year-on-year.

5MMM has recorded strong growth this survey against the youth audience, this will be primarily driven by the summer sports coverage, but the positive sign is that this growth is across the day and not concentrated to a specific daypart.

Against the older demo’s 5MMM has had a mixed bag of results, showing growth in Breakfast with Roo & Ditts and audience loss in Drive slot Rush Hour With Jars & Louie. Across the day they have ended up slightly back survey on survey

Austereos SAFM re-branded to Hit 107.1 for this survey and have probably not recorded the kind of audience figures they would be hoping for. With all re-brands it takes time to seed the change into a market, so we will keep a close eye of Hit 107.1’s audience performance against their target younger demo to see if any growth occurs.

Mix 102.3 also re-branded at the start of the year to be more aligned with the overall KIIS branding. They finished top against the older p40-54 audience, despite losses in audience. They made gains against the p18-39 audience showing that as part of the re-brand the content might be playing a little bit younger than the traditional format of Mix 102.3! From a national point of view, it will be more beneficial to ARN to have an aligned youth network than the misaligned stations at present.




Perth Highlights



Perth Results

A new year in Perth hasn’t given us any new leaders in the radio landscape, as Nova continues to be the younger people’s station of choice. Nova have held the top spot against P18-39 in BMAD for the past 13 surveys, taking the crown off 96FM back in mid 2013.

Mix 94.5 remains the stand out go-to station for P40-54 across Breakfast, Drive and BMAD. Interestingly this station is not solely focused on the older audience and does have a wider appeal; we can see this as it sneaked into 3rd spot against P18-39 in BMAD. This can be attributed to the Breakfast team of Clairsy, Shane and Kymba who are the second most listened to youth breakfast show!

Unfortunately the re-branding of Austereo’s 92.9 to Hit 92.9 as part of the wider national alignment hasn’t helped boost ratings, with the station recording losses survey on survey (-23%) and year on year (-22%) against the younger audience in BMAD.

6PR have recorded a strong survey showing growth against both audiences in all dayparts (apart from p40-54s in Drive). While the audience growth is coming off a small base, it is positive to see a smaller station making gains, alluding to the fact that radio audiences in Perth are still active and searching out new content.



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