Radio Survey Results #2


Sydney Survey Results

Survey 2 Breakfast session results against P18-39 saw KIIS dominate this timeslot once again, however down slightly -4% SOS.

  • Smooth posted the biggest increase of +23% SOS with 2WS also up +8% SOS.
  • The downward trend continues for 2DayFM – this survey down -9% from survey 1.
  • 2GB saw the biggest decline of -22% SOS although remain #1 P10+.
  • Nova remain in second place in breakfast, up 4% SOS.

Against the younger P18-39 demo in Drive, there were some big movers:

  • WSFM up 57% SOS, Smooth up 46% and 2Day (good news story!) up 36%.
  • The only station that lost audience in Drive against this demo was 2GB down -17%.
  • Nova remains the number 1 Drive station for P18-39 up 3% SOS.
  • Overall, KIIS holds its place as the number 1 M-F BMAD station for P18-39 up 8% SOS with Nova a distant 2nd (down -3% SOS).

2WS remains the most listened to Breakfast station for P40-54 , up 6% SOS.

  • The biggest decreases were recorded by Smooth -27% SOS and both 2DAY & 2UE went down -18%, whilst Nova was up 13%.

Nova remains top in Drive against the older demo although down -5% SOS with some big decreases across the board…

  • 2UE down -33% SOS, 2DAY -25%, 2MMM -31% and 2WS -19%
  • In fact, all stations lost audience SOS in Drive.

WSFM remains the M-F BMAD leader against P40-54 down slightly -4% SOS. Again, all stations lost this audience, with deepest losses felt by 2Day and 2UE both down -25%, Triple M -22% and Smooth -20%.




Melbourne Survey Results

Survey 2 did not see KIIS 101.1 mirror the success of their first survey of the year when they re-branded beyond Sydney to Melbourne.

  • Against P18-39, the station fell -33% SOS coming 4th in Breakfast and -8% SOS in Drive (despite moving into position as the number 2 drive station).
  • Across BMAD KIIS fell -32% SOS which suggest that the younger audience sampled the new offering and switched…
  • Against the older P40-54 audience, KIIS held share steady overall in BMAD and in the key breakfast timeslot plus gained a 6% increase in Drive.

The two biggest movers in the Melbourne breakfast market against P18-39 were Magic and Gold, up by 50% and 40% respectively.

  • Struggling in this survey against the younger demo with big decreases were Triple M -24%, FOX -18% and Smooth -22% SOS.
  • The new leader in the breakfast market against this audience is now Nova (albeit posting a decrease of -6% SOS) taking over the number 1 position from MMM who were down -24%.

3AW have taken over the number 1 position from Triple M in breakfast against the P40-54 demo with a whopping increase of 27% SOS; all other breakfast programs, with the exception of SEN & Nova, fell or remained flat against this audience.

  • Triple M gained the number 1 position for P40-54 in Drive from Gold up 27% SOS, however there is very little separating them with both Gold and 3AW tied on 2nd place both with double digit increases in audience.

Overall Triple M remains the number 1 station BMAD against P40-54 down -4% SOS, followed by 3AW up 16% SOS and Gold -10% SOS.

  • Nova posted the largest increase up 30% SOS against P40-54.



Brisbane Survey Results

Survey 2 has shown consistencies in top 3 leaders across BMAD, Breakfast and Drive for the 18-39 demo.

  • Nova has taken out the top spot, followed by the newly branded Hit105 and ARN’s 97.3FM.

Good news for Nova’s breakfast team Ash, Kip, and Lutsy have seen a 21% increase SOS which is a big improvement from survey 1, while Austereo’s Hit105 breakfast show with Stav and Abby has taken a step back seeing a 5% drop SOS.

  • Austereo will be hoping that their new listeners that came on board since the rebranding will not abandon ship.

Although still in second position for the 18-39 demo, HIT105’s drive show with Dan and Maz has experienced a 16% drop SOS.

  • 97.3FM’s Kate and Hughesy’s drive show is slowly closing the gap for second place within this day part so it will be interesting to see if they are able to overtake their rival network in survey 3.

ARN’s 97.3FM has taken a slight step back this survey amongst people 40-54.

  • Although taking out the number 1 spot across all day parts, the station has seen a 10% drop SOS across BMAD.
  • Their breakfast team Robin, Terry & Bob have seen a 8% drop SOS whilst Drive has dropped 14% despite the new recruits of Kate and Hughesy.

Nova have performed well this survey amongst the older demo.

  • Their breakfast team has jumped into 3rd position increasing 13% SOS while their drive team of Kate Tim and Marty are tying in second position with 4MMM, seeing an increase of 17% SOS.

Austereo’s HIT105 drive show with Dan and Maz seem to be resonating well with the older demo as the duo have increased listenership by 25% SOS.

  • This jump can be attributed to Austereo’s current marketing campaign but will the drive team hold the position come next survey.




Adelaide Survey Results

Adelaide’s youth remains loyal to Nova, as they take out the number one spot in Breakfast, Drive and BMAD.

  • There is not much competition in the SA marketplace for the youth, or the other stations aren’t understanding what it is they want as Nova have for the past 3 years; they have even shown growth this survey in BMAD and Breakfast.

Interestingly Triple M’s Breakfast team Roo and Ditts, lost 50% of their P18-39 audience, which looks like it has migrated over to Hits and Nova.

The recent re-branded of Hit 107 seems to have worked as they have shown growth across the day with their target youth audience, we will keep an eye on this and see if the changes continue to benefit the stations ratings.

Much like the youth, the older audiences in Adelaide know what they want and it it’s Mix 102.3 who hold the #1 spot across the day.

There is a good old fashioned dog fight in Drive between MMMs Jars and Louie, Mix’s Hughesy and Kate and 5aa’s Rowey and Bicks, who all share the same average audience figures.

  • It will be interesting to see who the audience favours in survey #3 2015.



Perth Survey Results

Perth has long been a youth market run by Nova, however survey #2 2015 has seen a new front runner in the BMAD session against P18-39 with 96fm taking the top spot.

  • Nova still hold onto #1 spot in the key breakfast and drive markets, however it is good to see the competition heat up in Western Australia.

96 FM’s growth across BMAD was really driven by the strength of Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi in breakfast who’s audience is up 27% SOS.

  • Drive with Darren de Mello was also up by 20% SOS against the younger audience, closing the gap on Nova.

Against the older demos, Austereo’s Mix 94.5 remains comfortably on top across Breakfast, Drive and across the day in BMAD.

  • SCA’s Mix has been the clear leader in Perth against P40-54 market for a long time, the only threat to their throne coming in Survey 5 2014 from ARN’s 96FM.

Interestingly Mix 94.5 lost a lot of P18-39 audience this survey, as they move to a more niche station rather than the kind of broadcast station that caters for all audiences’ needs.

Austereo’s recently re-branded Hit 92.9 has seen slight growth against the older demos and retained their target youth audience with flat SOS results.



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