Radio Survey Results #2


The highly anticipated survey #2 has seen Nova Entertainment and ARN remain in the driving seat in Sydney,
with Nova 969 and KIIS FM both recording increases at 7% and 5% respectively.

Sydney Highlights

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Sydney Survey Highlights

In breakfast, Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa, took out the #1 spot by a whisker against P18-39, increasing 3% since the previous survey. KIIS were hot on their heels also recording an increase (+6%).

Kyle and Jackie O continued to show growth in breakfast wasn’t shared across sister station WSFM  as Jonesyand Amanda saw a significant drop of 16% against p40-54 (ranked 2nd).  Despite the drop,  WS numbers in survey 2 are 30% above their 2013 average (40-54 BMAD).

Some good news for 2DAYfm as they showed steady growth as the new breakfast team settle in, delivering a 36% increase SOS. The lift extended across the daypart with BMAD going up 6% on the previous survey.

In the P40-54 breakfast market, KIIS topped the survey, experiencing a SOS increase of 26%, whilst WSFM fell 16% SOS. After falling back slightly in survey 1, 2GB have shown growth in both breakfast and drive in survey 2, (+19% and 25%, respectively).  This lift  can be partly attributed to their live coverage of the NRL.

Nova’s drive team of Kate, Tim and Marty maintain the top spot in P18-39, while Rosso on KISS continues to shine through increasing 8% SOS.

Sydney: Mon-Fri BMAD

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Melbourne Survey Results

Melbourne results overall were a mixed bag; 18-39 growth on BMAD only occurred on SEN and GOLD (+42% and +15%) while 40-54’s were up on MIX and Smooth (+5% and +68%).

On the SCA front, both FOXFM and Triple M have recorded their lowest audience figures in over ten surveys. Most of this decline comes from FOXFM and 3MMM’s breakfast programs. With Fox settling in a new breakfast team, it will take time to build the audience and hence the patchy start.  We expect that now the AFL season is underway, MMM build back to regain ground (18-39).

Nova’s Meshel and Tommy consolidate their top spot by edging out both Triple M’s Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy and FOXFM’s breakfast duo of Fifi Box and Dave Thornton.
ARN’s GOLD 104.3FM has produced the strongest results for all FM stations SOS for the younger demo. Brig And

Lehmo’s breakfast program which has increased 31% SOS, has encouraged audiences to stay with Gold 104.3 throughout the day, strengthening Gold’s position across all day-parts.

The largest decline survey on survey is 3AW for 18-39s. It has also been steadily declining in the older demo (40-54).

Smooth have increased significantly in the 40-54 demo with a massive 68% across the day, the biggest audience growth SOS in that demo. The increase is makes up for the poor survey 1 numbers and brings their figures slightly ahead of their 2013  average results across the day.

ARN’s GOLD 104.3 shows the most significant increase SOS in the 18-39 demo, this success can be directly attributed to the success of their breakfast program of Chrissy Swan and Jane Hall.

Melbourne: Mon-Fri BMAD

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Brisbane Highlights

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Brisbane Survey Results

Nova remains the #1 station in the Brisbane market against the 18-39 demo across all dayparts. Given it’s boost in other markets, it will be interesting to see how Nova does against 40-54’s. Already its BMAD audience has increased by 24% YOY.

4KQ listenership continues to improve after a surprising Survey 1; notably against the 18-39 demo. YOY it has more than doubled it BMAD audience amongst the younger demo.

97.3FM are on top by a small margin over Triple M in BMAD against 40-54’s.   The first two surveys of the year have 97.3  tracking well ahead of their 2013 audience average against  18-39 across the day.

B105 grew by 10% this survey vs last, growth primarily driven by Breakfast and Drive with audiences up 10% and 25% respectively.

After a stellar Survey #1 this year, there seems to been a portion of Triple M’s 18-39 audience migrating to B105.
The 40-54 demographic is more encouraging with growth of 2% across the day.

Brisbane: Mon-Fri BMAD

Adelaide Highlights

Slide 1Adelaide Survey Results

Nova remains the #1 station for the 18-39 demo BMAD with 1% growth from the previous survey results.
The Stations Kate, Tim and Marty Drive show has continued their growth since survey #2 2013; boasting a 67% increase YOY. This has allowed Nova to dominate the drive timeslot against the younger demo.

Nova delivered steady growth results across the 40-54 demo with a 12% increase SOS. This has been contributed from the success of the breakfast and drive shows producing 45% and 41% increases YOY. It will be interesting to see if Nova can continue this success in the older demo where traditionally their strengths are with the 18-39 market.

After experiencing losses in the previous survey across both demos in BMAD, Triple M has had an 8% increase SOS with the 40-54 demo. The Rush Hour show has contributed with an incredible 42% increase SOS, marking the return of the football season as Roo and Ditts proving very successful. This has put them up a notch as the no.2 Drive show.

Mix 102.3 continues to hold onto it’s #1 position across the 40-54 demo in BMAD showing no signs of slowing down with an 22% increase SOS and 35% YOY. The stations ‘Adelaide’s Fun Breakfast’ show saw a 8% increase SOS; dominating the day part from all other competitors. Despite Mix’s ‘Sean Craig Murphy’ Drive show experiencing a 23% increase SOS.

Across both demos, FIVE AA, have had poor results with minimal growth in some dayparts. The station saw a 20% decrease SOS across the older demo BMAD with the breakfast show declining 18% SOS.

SAFM have clawed back some of the losses for survey 1 with lifts in audience across the 40-54 in both B’fast (165%) and drive(7%).

Adelaide: Mon-Fri BMAD

Perth Highlights

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Perth Survey Results

Nova maintains their strong #1 position across all dayparts for the 18-39 demo.

Nathan, Nat & Shaun (Nova’s breakfast show) preserve the greatest audience numbers (for the 18-39 demo) across the day on Nova, despite Clairsy, Shane & Kymba’s (Mix breakfast program) impressive SOS audience increase of 37%.

MIX 94.5 is the clear winner of the 40-54’s with domination in breakfast and drive.
While Mix 94.5 miss out on the top breakfast spot for the 18-39 demo, they convincingly hold the #1 position across all dayparts for the 40-54 demo.

92.9 is down versus last survey against both 18-39 and 40-54 demos across BMAD, however some stability has been delivered in the competitive Bfast session.

96FM remain strong against both the p18-39 and p40-54 audiences despite a drop in BMAD audience SOS.

Perth: Mon-Fri BMADSlide 1


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